D-Lister Kathy Griffin Is Hysterical!

  1. She is here in Seattle tomorrow and I can't wait to see her! Does anyone else watch her show on Bravo?
  2. I am a huge fan! I watched the entire first season, and just saw the first episode of season 2.

    That is so cool that you are going to see her! She is coming to my area this summer so I was going to look into tickets.

    What is the deal with Kathy and Matt? I heard that she said they were legally divorced but they were reconciling (?).
  3. I saw her show, she's such a HOOT!
  4. I seriously hated her when she guest starred on Seinfeld. She drove me nuts!!! Then I saw her Strong Black Woman special on Bravo. Now I think she's hilarious!
  5. I wish she hadn't had so much plastic surgery. It doesn't suit her funny personality.
  6. We, well, I make my hubby watch her with me. She is funny! I feel so bad for her sometimes though.... She works so hard and her turn out isn't always as well as she deserves. I don't want to spoil any of it, (ei Kuntucky, ebay)

    But I do love ths how. What can I say? I love trashy tv!
  7. OMG!!! LOVE her!!!
  8. Does anyone know why she was fired from E!? I just heard that yesterday.
    She is a VERY funny lady!:roflmfao:

    Was she involved with Nick Nolte or is that someone else I am thinking about?
    Who is Matt?
  9. Is this what you heard about in regard to being her being fired?


    Matt is Matt Moline her husband(?). I know they were getting divorced, but then I heard they were trying to reconcile.
  10. love her.
  11. That show is really funny!

    I knew there was something really wrong with her face...she has had tons of plastic surgery!! What is the point? She still looks bad!

    It's sad and funny how she treats her husband.....he is her little errand boy...curling her hair and running at her every beck and call!

    I don't feel sorry for her being a D-lister though....have you seen her house??
  12. Kathy G is really funny!!! Love her!
  13. She's funny...but man she sometimes gets on my nerves!!! Sappho, what's up with her house?
  14. I will give you a full report tonight after the show but if I don't post till Sunday it is because I am flying out tomorrow morning to see Madonna in Phoenix.
  15. She talked about this on her show and I've read something earlier. She got fired because of a joke about the little girl in Wars of the World.