D-Listed.com's LV blunder

  1. D-Listed posted pics of Uma T. with the fall/winter 0-something bags claiming that these are the new LV ads... lol.

    Posing with Purses is Weird
  2. Lol yeah those are the 2005 ads I believe.
  3. Read the comments made by some of the D-Listed readers... not so funny.
  4. :rolleyes:
    Those are people who have no appreciation for LV.
    Oh well.
  5. :true: (btw...why does this smiley have droopey eyes??? :confused1: lol)
  6. They're pretty mean.. and some are just vicious!:yucky:
  7. I check that website for celeb gossip and there is always soooo much mean stuff written on there!
  8. those bags are beautiful they have no taste at all
    and Uma is GORGEOUS
  9. Oh wells, I still enjoyed the photos ! :yes:
  10. i'm interested to see -- if some of the self proclaimed 'purse whores' and 'purse hos' that posted comments that they would never get one and would rather carry a fake instead -- if they are on here. that would be quite interesting indeed!
  11. Nah, I doubt that. The ladies here are far too classy to call themselves h*** and w**** ;)
  12. I agree.
  13. Those are the type of people that think that LV only makes Monogram Canvas bags... :rolleyes:
  14. OMG haha :lol: :lol: :lol: I know loads of people like that haha. I made a comment.
  15. No kidding. They need some serious LV-education from TPF :rolleyes: