D GOLD large shoulder bag..which color!!!@@????@

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  1. I like the white trim.
  2. If it was going to be my summer bag I'd go for the white too

    but for all year round I'd go for the more classic brown.

    Follow your heart
  3. Ditto!
  4. I would do brown too, just because it's a look you can rock year-round. I do love the white though because it gives it more contrast.
  5. I like both but if you want a bag to use everyday then get the brown. :biggrin:
  6. brown for me! BTW, I got this in the all black leather and love the size and shape!!!
  7. ok thanks everyone....sooo you think the one with the white trim won't be able to be worn in the winter? it will look kind of funny right?
  8. That rule doesn't apply anymore. You can wear white all year round!!
  9. my vote is for the brown... it's timeless and "seasonless" :biggrin:
  10. ita!
  11. I'd go for brown trim unless I had a lot of brown already and wanted something more bright for the summer. In that case, I'd get the white.
  12. i vote for brown!! =)
  13. i think you could totally use white for the winter! my vote goes for the white
  14. I vote for the brown! Great colour for an everyday bag. gd luck on deciding!