D GOLD LARGE HOBO - brown trim!!!!!!!

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  1. hi, im just wondering if this bag is still being sold in stores. Ive gone to my local Gucci boutique, as well as holt renfrew in toronto and have not seen it on display. but it is still available on the website.

    do u guys know if its still available? what do u think about this bag? and will it be going on sale anytime? (like the gucci presale events)

    also, do u think i should buy the one in the white trim or the brown trim?

  2. :confused1:
  3. I have one in the Brown trim and I like it a lot. I actually saw the large tote recently at Saks.
  4. ^^ thank you for the reply! the brown was my first choice too.... well i dont' have a saks near me right now, as i am in Canada for the year. so i really hope i can get my hands on one :sad:
  5. the Gucci boutiques you went to may have been out of stock, especially if you went around Xmas time. But don't worry, they should still be available since they are part of the classic line. This is a pretty popular bag, and I've been wanting one myself. Some of the ladies here have it.
  6. I though I saw one at Holt Renfrew @ both Yorkdale & Sherway last month....just brown trim - not the white.
    You can also order it on line too now that Gucci ships within Canada and I am pretty sure it will not go on sale as it is a Classic.
  7. I have the one with the brown trim and love it. The gold is pretty too.
  8. Sometimes the boutiques don't have enough space to display everything so they might have it in the back but just not out on display. Try calling them to see if they have it in stock.
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