D Girl!!! this indigo have ur name on it! :p

  1. LOOK at that leather! I just want to put my face in it!
  2. OMG! it's gorgeous!! thanks so much, i've been looking for one forever!!
  3. u're welcome :smile:
  4. Sea... you enabler you :drinks: Please find me a Marine Part Time :drool:
  5. The color is so rich and pretty!!! i love this bag!!!!
  6. :roflmfao:
    my eyes will search on that marine part time for u honey...
  7. Yay :yahoo: Just don't find it too soon... credit cards need a rest :crybaby:
  8. what do you guys think of the condition and price? as stated "good" condition in the description with minor flaws?
  9. I think this has been relisted a few times already? Maybe you can put in an offer and get a bargain?

    But, "I can't see any obvious pen marks..." meaning there are, just that they aren't obvious? The pics show that the handles have darkened too. And all the other wear mentioned by seller.

    Personally, I've been disappointed many a times by eBay seller's descriptions. So, go according to what you see in the pictures, and make an offer bearing all the wear in mind. Then you should be fine and won't be disappointed with a bag that has more wear than the seller said. Good luck!
  10. Lovely bag!!!