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  1. How come D&G is not in the designer forum? Any one like this brand?
  2. i like them, but am not a huge fan.

    i was hoping for a juicy subforum... i am such a juicy girl! of course, that is only for clothes and jewelry. I only own 1 juicy purse.

    Anyways, I am sure Megs & Vlad would put it up if there was a big enough interest for a D&G subforum.
  3. I've seen a few pics of them and they are lovely but am not that familiar with them.
  4. I enjoy them as well, but I feel like sometimes they are hard to find or perhaps they just don't make many styles. I really like this crinkled patent satchel at NM at the moment.
  5. I personally love this brand... more for clothes and designs, and occasionally they have truly unique and beautiful bags.

    They have actually done a few Hermes Lindy bag knock-off types (really overwhelming, amazing similiarities) and have torked off many buyers.

    I still have some of their stuff and look forward to when they get away from the style ripoffs. Their own unique style is very fresh and sexy. :yes: