D&G Satchel


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
What do you guys think of this bag? I'm hoping it will be on Neiman Marcus's last call sale later this year. Hee hee... :toung:


Ha ha ha... ok girls. Thanks for your honesty. :lol: I know this bag is kinda "out there" but I think it's a cute bag to carry whenever I'm in the mood to wear some funky Hot-Topic-style outfit out the door. I'll be on the look out for this bag or similiar to it at NM's last call sale. They seems to always have alot of D&G bags on sale during the holiday. ;) Love you all!! :toung:
^^^if you don't catch it there, you might have a chance to find it @ the outlet. This looks like a seasonal piece so it has a good chance of ending up there.