D&G Rockstar literally rocks!

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  1. Not sure if many of you can remember but I was having so much trouble with Macy's about a ring I was trying to track down a from New York that I had purchased in April of this year! I am in Scotland so hard to keep on checking up ont he status.

    Well bless her she took on my plight and went into Macys saying she was my cousin and I swear things started moving really fast. Thanks to her my calls started getting returned and last week I finally got the ring!

    D&G I do not know how to tell you how grateful I am - you are sooo lovely!

    It is thanks to forums like this and lovely people like D&G that restore my faith in this world!

    Thanks D&G you soooo rock and if there is anything I can do for you here in rainy Scotland you only need to say the word.
  2. D & G ROCKS!!!! YEAH! Glad it got settled!
  3. Awwww Secret, it's all good -- no worries about it, i'm glad they took care of you!!!!! :flowers:

    I can't believe Macy's would lagggggg like that though :cursing:
  4. WOW thats great!! You're our ROCKSTAR!!
  5. Aww, hearing things like this makes me ready for the holidays...which I haven't looked forward to in years! :smile: You're awesome D & G!
  6. That's fantastic!!! Glad everything worked out!
  7. D&G you're soo sweet and kind for doing that.
  8. ahhhh well done Sherry, that was so nice of you to do that. And Sam (Secret Shopaholic), so glad you have now got your ring, now you have to show us all it ;) :biggrin:
  9. wow! super nice!!!
  10. What an awesome lady!!!!!!! :love:

    There are amazing people here :yes: