D&G Razor Cellphone

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  1. [​IMG]

    All thoughts of the Magenta RAZR are already long forgotten now we know that this Dolce & Gabbana RAZR V3i exists in the world. Suddenly, that pink version doesn't seem quite so unique. It helps that there are only 1000 of these beauties on the planet, and so long as I don't discover there's some vulgar designer branding smattered across the casing, I'm going to spend the rest of my day feeling mild pangs for that "liquid gold finish". It's also got: "a personalised background with screensaver, a tailored sound for power up and down, an exclusive polyphonic ring tone and a video clip illustrating 20 years of Dolce & Gabbana brand history". You can only get it in Dolce & Gabbana boutiques in Italy, Spain, UK, France and Germany - although keep an eye on eBay in the coming weeks.
  2. God bless you, Heavenscent for the pic! Bravo!!! I love gadgets as much as I do love my handbags, but yes, this gold D&G is making my pink razr look a little inferior...guess I will be on the hunt in a couple of weeks when I go to Europe....:biggrin:
  3. haha NICE! I want one!~!!!! :nuts:
  4. me too!!
    but i guess it's kinda expensive, just like the escada cell phones i adore. and i'd rather buy shoes or a purse with that money.
  5. it's gorgeous, but i have sprint, and they don't play nice with motorola phones. they have recently come out with a skinny black one and the screen is huge, i actually love it a lot, i think i even like it better than the razr, but it doesn't come in pretty colors :sad:
  6. damn, the more I see this the more I want it. Anyone know the price?
  7. Well, I'm not sure how good a measure of price eBay is, but you're looking at a price tag of at least 2,000$ right now (up to around 2,500$).

    Yeeeahhh.. I'd rather have the pink one instead !
  8. haha if they were readily available @ a boutique near here I'd consider buying it :biggrin: But if I'm spending a few thousand I might as well go for a Vertu.
  9. Me too I love gadgets and nothing better than a pretty gadget. I'll be checking that out...thanks for the pix.
  10. Wow! And I thought I was lucky with my black razr...
  11. Thanks to Gizmodo for pickin' this one up. :nuts:
  12. My brother just got a black Razor (off of eBay, I'm so proud of him!). I've gone through three minidisc players in the last year, so I am always weary of spending hundreds on portable electronics.

    But it certainly is hot!
  13. i'm content with my vivienne westwood motorola v600...
  14. How much is this little beauty???
  15. $2500 on ebay