D&G,Marc Jacobs, LV

  1. http://tinyurl.c om/2srz59
    I almost bought this in bright blue, but it didn't have a strap on it and the handles were kind of uncomfy...but the bag was wicked cool.

    http://tinyurl.c om/2vssyv
    I wanted to get this bag in dark red with the gold hardware, but when I went they were sold out. So I went to Nordstroms and they only had it in black, white and a light lavender...
    I couldn't decide between those two, so I gave up, went over to Louis Vuitton and I bought....(in red)

    http://tinyurl.c om/2lbepg
    I might still buy the others, who knows where my credit card will take me.
    Looking at the picture of the bag now, I quite like the D&G one.
    Thank god the holidays are coming up.
    Gives me an excuse to spoil myself.

    What do you think?

    I was iffy about the D&G one...but the speedy is so classic.
    I posted this on another forum and everyone said the bags were ugly.
  2. Opinions Please?!
  3. Sorry, I like the speedy better than the D&G...
    But you have to get what you like..
  4. MJ blake is a classic, not matter what color. LV Speedy is a classic also. Not crazy about the D&G. A word of caution, don't let your credit card take you too far!
  5. Mj
  6. love the speedy, keep it and wait for the d&g to go on sale
  7. Okay!
    I've posted this on two other websites and one website says the LV is hideous and the MJ is good, and the other website says they like the LV.
    So maybe I'll keep the lv as my birthday present, and order the marc jacobs for the holidays... :smile:
  8. I say keep the lv and yeah the D&G WILL go on sale.
  9. I am keeping the speedy and ordering the blake in bourdeaux in a few weeks!
  10. i LOVE that D&G bag!!! :tup: