D&G Make Up Line

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  1. Dolce & Gabbana are to launch their first cosmetics range and it will be fronted by Scarlett Johansson.


    Each item in the luxurious line will come in a gold case with a velvet pouch. The pieces are inspired by the beauty of Italia and are scented.
    Acclaimed make up artist Pat McGrath collaborated on the range.

    The design due choose Scarlett as the face of the campaign as she evokes the old school glamour and beauty of Marilyn Monroe.
    Distribution for the line is highly selective. It will be sold in London's Selfridges and in America at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles .
    scarlett-johansson-dg.jpg scarlett-johansson-dg-1.jpg
  2. Sounds interesting. However, I question the decision to put fragrance in the cosmetics. Some people really can't tolerate heavily scented products, and some fragrances can act as irritants on the skin.
    While pretty gold packaging in velvet pouches are all wonderful and good, the quality of the products is what matters most. I don't care how nice the stuff looks; it won't be worth the money if the quality isn't great.
  3. Looks interesting! I would like to see it in person.. Scarlett is beautiful!
  4. thanks for the pics!!! when i heard about their line i tried to search to see what the packaging looked like... so far looks kinda boring :sad:

    anyone hear anything about the price point?
  5. I wonder how well it will sell during this global economic recession.
  6. I agree with the dangerousness of it being scented. that leaves more room for it causing a negative reaction on skin, too, which is sad. that will definitely deter me from trying it!
  7. Scarlett looks hot in those pics!
  8. "It will be sold in London's Selfridges and in America at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles ."

    That's it?? lol Seriously, Dolce & Gabbana- good luck with your high selectivity during this economic situation. Chanel might sell everywhere, but Dolce & Gabbana is too "selective" for that :rolleyes:.
  9. It's really expensive isn't it? I heard it was $36 for a lipgloss and $50 something for foundation
  10. I read in the newspaper that the cosmetics industry, even high-end luxury cosmetics, didn't show any signs of slowing down and their sales good overall.
    Not sure why this is. Perhaps people feel that makeup is something they "need" and are accustomed to their usual high-end purchases wheareas things like clothes, shoes etc. they can continue using what is already in their closets.
  11. HUH? doesn't D&G have a make up line now that sells at Sephora? i swear i have a lipstick from them.
  12. never mind my post, i am a dope!