D&G butterfly or Prada frame bag?

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  1. Hi, Bag gals:

    Which bag do you like? The black Dolce Miss butterfly or Prada frame bag in tan color? Hubby said I have done way too many damages and can only pick one!:sick:
    dgleatherbutterfly.jpg pra103s_br3511.014_p.jpg
  2. Dolce Dolce Dolce!! But I'm biased, I generally dislike anything Prada.
  3. usually I am not a big fan of Dolce. But this bag is soo sweet and the leather is washed leather. Smells good as well.....
  4. PRADA!!!!!!! Hands down.
    Did the big tan one come in...I havent seen it yet...let me know...
  5. How about another Chanel.
  6. it is in today at Saks as I know. Also it comes in White and now in NM.com. Also some Saks get orange color. I think Tan is a nice color.
  7. I am going to pick up chanel large black bowling tomorrow. So my quotation for new handbags only left one.:sad2:
  8. D&g
  9. Dolce.
  10. I am not a big Prada fan...and the Dolce is so beautiful. It looks delicate even though it is black leather.
  11. I'm going to be the single Prada rooter here!
  12. Dolce ...
  13. Dolce :biggrin:
  14. I vote the Prada.

    About the Dolce - don't like the handles nor the frilly bits.
  15. I love the prada, it's so simple and elegant.