D/FW Area TJMaxx

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  1. I have gone to two different TJMAxx's and I have been very disappointed with what I have found so far. I went to the one in Valley Ranch and also the one by NorthEast Mall. Has any else that lives in this area found anything? The ladies in CA seem to be finding the best stuff. I was going to visit the Southlake location but my little man is not feeling well so I will have to wait.
  2. The one in Highland Village/Flower Mound has had 1) nothing the first time I visited and 2) really ugly Coach flats the second time I went in a couple of months ago. :tdown:
  3. The ladies are finding some awesome handbags. Maybe it's a sign that I don't really need to be buying anything.
  4. If I lived in the Dallas area I would take it as a sign to hold on to my money because your getting an Outlet next month!!!!!!:lol:
  5. I know and I was supposed to hold onto my money for the big day, but I have since visited San Marcos and Round Rock within the last 2 weeks.
  6. I will ask my sis in law because she always finds cute Coach!
  7. Thanks and please keep me updated.
  8. I'm in Houston and I visited the store near the Galleria area today to find nothing :sad: I was hoping to snag a Hamptons Embossed Signature Stripe Carryall.. but there seem to be some on eBay now. *crosses fingers*
  9. I may just call over there and see what they have. I live about 5 miles from Southlake but it ends up taking 30 minutes due to the 121/114 traffic. I hate it!
  10. lol i'm with you on that one!
  11. I went to the one in front of the Parks Mall today, it was pretty picked over. There was a belted pleated hobo in white for 229.00, and then a stripe purse in all of the bright colors I was not familiar with and didn't care for. They had mainly D&B (terrible ones) and other leather bags. I did find one of the Legacy slim wallets in black for 99.00 that I snatched up- and there was one optic smaller wallet that zipped around for 79.99. One of the ladies that was working back by layaway told me all the Coach were put into layaway on day one- several people put 4 & 5 in layaway at once! I think I'll go look again in 30 days when they get put back if not paid for!
  12. I have yet to find a single worthwhile Coach item at a TJM anywhere near D/FW.

    Hurry w/ our ALLEN OUTLET!!!!!
  13. I think these 3 are decent: the one near North Park, the one in Irving off of MacArthur, and the one at Belt Line and Preston. I also, occasionally, find some cute Coach stuff at the Richardson store.

  14. Congrats on finding the wallet and thanks for the update.
  15. I went to the Valley Ranch (Irving and MacArthur) store today and they did have a small leather brown ergo for $99 and a couple of brown leather sohos. I just paid $87 for the medium ergo at the outlet so paying $99 was not a good deal to me.