D&C question

  1. If anyone who has gone through a D&C could provide some advice, it would be appreciated.
    I have one scheduled this Thursday and I am supposed to be going on a business trip 2000 miles away on Sunday for 1 week. My dr. didn't seem all that concerned when I mentioned it but the nurse warned me against it. What were your experiences? What are your thoughts on traveling after this type of surgery?
  2. First, hugs to you.. this is hard, I know.

    Now, I have not had a D&C, but for my miscarriage, I was given a series of pills to take. At the same time I was training a bunch of students for 11 hours a day WHILE miscarrying. I was the only one who could do the job and it HAD to be done then (a week before school started), so I did it, however... it was really difficult.

    I wasn't in pain (I was taking tylenol for cramps), but there was more tissue/blood loss than I was prepared for emotionally while trying to work... I would have been better at home, getting snuggles from my husband instead of working my butt off while SEEING the reality of my loss. Since you can't wear tampons, you need to be prepared to run off the bathroom often and it just might feel uncomfortable and you might worry about leaks.

    I know a D&C cleans you out, but you still bleed afterwards, right? I'm assuming you would have to. It seems to be more that it's "what are you more comfortable with" instead of it being dangerous or risky.

    Good luck and again, I'm sorry for your loss.
  3. fashion, I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I had a D&C back in July. It was my second miscarriage, given the option of having a natural one (where the body does it in it's own time) or a D&C, I would opt for surgery again.

    I had mine done on July 3rd, early in the morning. I sat around waiting more than I was in the OR. I was completly out and did not feel a bit of pain (except for the nurse trying to start my IV...i have tiny veins)

    When I woke up in recovery, it was odd (totaly TMI coming), I was laid out corpse like, with my legs crossed...and a pad between my legs (it just felt so odd). I did bleed a bit...after I drank some water and ate some crackers, I was allowed to go (bring your own pads if you prefer a brand). They wheeled me out to the car and DH drove me home.

    I went home, ate (as I had to fast), and rested for the rest of the day. I was not crampy or bleeding heavily.

    I want to say the next day (or 2 days later?) I started to get crampy and had a pretty heavy period. (I had a few clots - normal, nothing like when I had the natural miscarriage though).

    I bled off an on for about 8 days straight after that. My cycle came back dang nearly 30 days from my D&C.

    for any pain, I was told I could take any OTC...Motrin was one they reccomended. I was not given any perscription pain meds.

    All in all...it went very smoothly.

    SOOOO...to answer your question...as long as you don't mind dealing with a heavy period on your business trip, you'll be fine. Really, just take the day of surgery to rest.

    Best of luck to you...and if you have any other questions, please let me know.

    **hugs** you'll get through this.
  4. ((HUGS)) I hope it went well.

    I had a D&C for my first back in July 2004. Missed miscarriage and I was so distraught I couldn't fathom waiting for my body to finally complete the miscarriage on its own. Was put under for the procedure. Thankfully, I had some wonderfully caring nurses who aided me (though the one who took 3 tries to get the IV in wasn't so great).

    Go easy on yourself. Even if you feel physically okay, it can be mentally exhausting and an emotional roller coaster.

    Thinking of you...
  5. I had one after a 9-10 week along miscarriage. The worst was over for me after the 1st day. That was when all the cramping and bleeding was. I felt better (physically anyway.) after the 2nd day. I traveled shortly after with no issues.

    I hope that helps.
  6. Japster-That is helpful. Thanks for the post. The procedure went a lot smoother than I had expected. I think I was preparing for the worst. Anyway, DH really didn't want me to travel for fear of worrying about my lugging heavy bags/purse/laptop through the airport so I opted out of the trip. I am now glad I did b/c I think I need to be at home w/ DH now. It started out that my decision was based on physical concerns but I am at peace w/ my decision due to emotional reasons. Thanks for your support.
  7. fashion16 - so glad to hear you are hanging in there. Very glad you are able to have these days at home and not on the road while you and dh try to comfort and support each other. You are in my thoughts. be well.
  8. fashion16 - I'm glad that the procedure was smoother than expected; you've been through enough already. Please keep taking care of yourself emotionally. You are in my thoughts as well. Hugs to you.