D.C. balenciaga stock at NM?

  1. Just wondering if any of our D.C. ladies have checked out the NM stock lately and what they currently have! :flowers:
  2. Not me. Last time I went, I went to Cusp, but not NM. Are you going to go this weekend?
  3. ^^What's "Cusp"?

    I'm heading down this weekend to fix up our house before we officially move in two weeks. It's okay though if they don't have much now, I can always check out stock once I move down. I'm soooo excited to live somewhere where I can actually see a handbag before I purchase it!

    p.s. I'm kind of looking (not officially) for a non-veiny Emerald City bag.
  4. They used to have quite a few Emerald bags left. I don't know if any are still there though. Cusp is the new younger version of NM in Tysons 1 near the restaurants.
  5. ^^Sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out, thanks for the tip!
  6. I know that they don't have anything in rouge or grenat:sad:
  7. I went two weeks ago and they had a TON of the new stock: firsts in truffle, white, caramel; a few cities, twiggys, works, hobos, purses, etc. (I saw a work in grenat), and a lot of the new styles. Not sure what they have left, but I bought a truffle twiggy and they brought three others from the back so I could chose so I imagine they had a huge inventory.
  8. They have the bags in multiples, but the bags that are out in the front are the only types of bags they have I believe.
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