:D Bought a Chanel!!

  1. :smile: I presold it at Saks Fifth, a pink cambon with black C's. It's the small size one but it fits my purse, coin purse, sunglasses, keys and other things. it's gorgeous..it was about 60% off :biggrin:
  2. Good job, can't wait for pics.
  3. wow! what a deal!
  4. :biggrin: I'll be able to pick up the bag on wednesday :smile:
  5. 60% OFF?! -- WOW, what a great deal! Congrats! Is Saks doing a FURTHER mark-down now on all the Cambon sale bags?....from 40% --> 60%? Do you recall seeing any black totes at that Saks location? And may I ask which Saks was this? TIA!
  6. oh darn, does saks price match by any chance?
  7. Congrats.
  8. Congrats on your bag!

    I guess Chanel is going to mark the bags down even more next week...since she pre-ordered it? Neiman Marcus is doing the same thing next week, too. I am not sure if Chanel is going to be included though...
  9. Please post if you see any further markdowns!
  10. Do you mind sharing the price with me for the bag???
  11. Congratulations & Enjoy! :smile:
  12. Keep us updated please if anyone hears if the cambon bags will be further marked down!
  13. yes please!! these markdowns are really turning me off the cambon line though (but that won't stop me from getting another one since it's such a "deal"!!). First the Hawaii sale (bought a bag there), then the Saks sale (bought a bag there), and now another sale with further markdowns?!
  14. What a fast, smart shopper! Can't wait for the pics!
  15. It was the Saks in Phoenix, AZ. I believe they were originally marked down 40% and the SA told me they are going to be marked down 30% more.. I got the small cambon, but the medium one would probably fit me better :sad: