D&B Small Flo Satchel vs. Coach Madison Hobo (for everyday)

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Which bag should I get for everyday??

  1. Coach Madison Hobo (Black with Silver)

  2. Dooney & Bourke Florentine Small Satchel (Black)

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2014
    I am in the market for a new everyday black purse.
    I generally (in the past) have not spent this much on a bag.
    But, I decided I want to splurge and get something nicer.
    I am not the kind to switch purses all the time or buy a lot of bags.
    So, this will be what I am carrying most days...and probably for awhile.
    I don't work...so this is a bag I will be using to run around with my kids to dance, sports practices, gymnastics, bday parties, etc.
    I am trying to decide between these two and having a hard time!
    If you have had personal experience with either of these bags (or even if you haven't;))...
    would love to hear your opinions, pros, cons, etc on these choices:




    I have seen them both in person, and like them both. I just can't decide!
    Please help me!!
    Thanks!!!! :smile::smile:
  2. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE DB Florentine and I think the leather is better than that of the Coach Madison, I do believe the Coach Hobo will be an easier bag to manage getting into and out of on an everyday basis; especially if you are a person who is busy doing errands and such. The top flap needs to be folded over for it to look cute and you have to unfold it every time you need to unzip and refold after you zip it. The leather is super beautiful--it is the prettiest bag in my collection but I wouldn't carry it everyday. BUt I never carry any of my bags every day. Although when I can get hunkered down in black Coach Rory for awhile;).
    Honestly, I think DB Florentine leather beats alot of premiere brand leather and that's no joke.

    THey are both great bags. You can't lose.
  3. That's a tough one. The DB is such a gorgeous bag, and the leather is really high quality. The advantages of the Coach bag would be it's relatively light weight and ease getting into and out of.

    Have you tried them on at the store and compared them? If you haven't, then maybe doing so would give you a better idea of which one you would be happier with to carry every day.

    Just going by looks and quality alone, my vote goes to the DB!
  4. DB. That bag is built to last and the leather is amazing.
  5. The Coach's thin strap makes the bag look uneven, somehow, and possibly not comfortable to carry all day long...

    The Dooney looks like it could be heavy and a PITA.

    The Coach seems like it would be more suitable for you with the activities you describe.
  6. That IS a hard choice. I like both myself. I agree with the others, though....I think the Coach will be easier to get in and out of...The DB is really cool and I like their new Florentine line, but it looks a bit heavy (is it?)...Good luck deciding! Glad you're treating yourself. :smile:
  7. I really like the DB bag but it is very heavy. I think for your life style the coach will work better and it is pretty too!
  8. I get the same visual impression from the Florentine .... that it's absolutely beautiful, but may get heavy if on your arm too long. :sad:
  9. Just bumping up to see if there are any more, or newer opinions :smile:
    Also....now considering chestnut color.....
  10. The satchel. I love the workmanship with satchels.
  11. Madison hobo...I just tried it today and it's so super comfortable and beautiful. You will love it for everyday!