D&B - Selling price help?

  1. I have a D&B from a few years back, like maybe 3-4? and I'm thinking of getting rid of it. It's the same one that was in this auction...


    But I'm not sure if I'd like to auction it or just place a BIN. I searched completed listings, and it appears that bag had been reposted and for the first auction didn't have a single bid. (At $0.01 with no reserve!) But, if I were to list with BIN, what do you think a good price would be?

    I bought it from Macys for $130 + tax if I remember correctly, and it's in great condition with a mark on the bottom of the inside of the bag, maybe the size of a quarter. Thoughts?
  2. Looks like buyers are comfortable spending about $70 for 'dooney signature bucket'. *I* set my price to the lowest I am comfortable selling the piece for and double it for a BIN. Or set my BIN for the highest I have seen the item go for and also do 'Best Offer'. THAT was on a rare piece of pottery though! It is a buyer's market so very risky to start really low and hope you get lots of bids. Established sellers with quality listings can do it, I sure cannot!

    That bag you posted had the first listing pulled by the seller for some reason. Happens.