D&B introduces Flortine Vachetta line

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  1. #1 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Colors are
    brown t moro

    Prices range from $235-465

    I am liking the letter carrier and medium lucy bag. the leather looks really great ( has vintage look ). I just may have to do a return and pick up letter carrier when it comes in stock. I am not sure why they did not release more shapes for this line? I really want to see them IRL

    letter carrier.jpg

    medium lucy bag.jpg

    bucket bag.jpg

  2. Thanks for posting these!
  3. I like them! Great color too.
  4. I like all of these!!
  5. Very nice change for D&B!!! :yes:
  6. I hate how you can't change the colors on the website. But I'm liking these bags. If anyone sees them in real life please report back. They look like they'll be soft...
  7. the leather looks nice but the designs look a little tired IMO. i feel like they can do soo much better in terms of design. the name is there, and they obviously have a decent following
  8. Now, this is what I would like to see more of from D & B. Nice leather and less logo.
  9. It's nice to see Dooney is finally moving away from all the hearts/stars/bees/etc.
  10. 1&2 looks ok, the rest look like the pockets don't fit very well.
  11. They're not "moving away from them" per se. It's just that D&B have always simultaneously featured whimsical prints as well as traditional, professional leather bags. They'll have many more whimsical prints before it's all over; trust me on this one. And by the same token, they will continue to release great leather bags at the same time. After all, I got my domed AWL satchels while some of their whimsical lines were out. That's just what they do. They always have all types of bags. They've never limited themselves to one particular look or one particular demographic.