D&B Huge selection and cheap...why?

  1. I have tons of designer bags but I know nothing and honestly have no interest in D&B other than my neices have all listed them for holiday gifts. I found tons of them at TJMaxx and at a local accessory clearence center. Most are between 30. and 100. Is this normal pircing? Are they normally cheap bags? I am guessing it's due to the fact that they are out of season but when I started looking for them the other day, all of the high school girls here have them... any suggestions for purchasing them? Thanks!
  2. tell you the truth once tjmaxx gets them they are out of style and the bags no1 else wanted..

    thus the teenage girls can afford. you may find something nice. a lady on here found a nice blue sac for 100 VS 250? tag

    i always see the strange little white or hot pink it bags.. not my thing.

    there is always eBay.. for almost new ones at a discount.. i learned the hard way for believing when they said used a handful of time means used 6 months.. oh well cant complain on the price not worth a return.. i can just throw it around =P

    it bags tend to lift and discolor.. but they look so nice!!! a flaw for beauty.

    btw.. tj max normally discounts 50% off i think.. 140$ bag = 70-80. you will never find an all leather one aka nile collection
  3. That's untrue. I've read posts of where people have found AWL (all weather leather) bags at TJ Maxx. And I've seen a few there myself...
  4. Thanks for the info! For teenage girls, TJMaxx and season unwanted's it is! LOL Thanks again!!!
  5. YEAH, you MIGHT find an AWL one there. I've not personally seen it...but maybe. I've seen rather ugly/not my style IT bags in all that multicolor crap. (and even though I love LV somewhat, those MC bags don't do it for me either).

    the Dooney bags that I do love and carry are the NILE collection (circle hobo and hobo) bags: leather which is croc-embossed, slightly shiny and so so purty!!

    I've never seen those at TJ Maxx. If I did/do, I'd buy up the store!!
  6. I saw several of the purple barrel bags from the Nile collection at Marshall's last summer. They were going very cheap.
  7. I see leather ones at the TJMaxx in my city. They are less common than the teenybopper styles but they show up once in a while.