D&B at Target, Anybody Else See This?

  1. So, D&B have found its way to Target now?? Wow!!
  2. I read in another thread that COACH will start to be sold in Target !
  3. really?
  4. Yes, just read also that Coach is at or going to be Target stores too.
  5. Goodness, I wonder why Dooney and Coach are off to Target? I think is cool!
  6. They don't have them at the local Target, here. I wonder if they will.
  7. Target is genius. Plus their popcorn rocks.

  8. Really, what popcorn are you talking about : salty or caramel
  9. When will Tarjay come to Canada?
  10. were they like regular price for D&B or less?
    this is interesting.
  11. This is slightly funny in a sad way. Regardless, I'll anticipate the arrival of Coach in Target; I don't care if people don't like Coach!
  12. :yes: popcorn :lol:
    Leave it to you to point out the important things. Target popcorn is my husbands guilty treat, he gets a bag & munches all through the store.
  13. if you click the link I posted a large photo where you can see the price. I think it was $240 for the black tote.
  14. I heard about this today. I am excited to see D&B and Coach(love Coach) to come to Target, now I don't have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest Coach store. Just hoping my Target carries them.
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