Czech Republic

  1. Hey ladies & gents :nuts:

    Well im departing from my home at 3 to go to the airport. I am flying out at 7 PM to Munich, Germany, and then im taking another flight to Prague, Czech Republic. Im going there with my school choir, and my girls group called "Bel Canto" (Beautiful Voices) to preform.

    Im used to flying, I fly every summer to Taiwan and every Christmas break to California, but I had a scare on my last previous flight. The plane couldnt land due to a horrific thunderstrom and we were literally forming a 90 degree angle with the ground when trying to land. I was scared out of my mind.

    So im just asking for you guys to wish me a safe trip there and back. :shame:

    Thanks you guys :love:
  2. ((((((Sophia))))))
    Wishing you a safe trip!
    Prague is such a beautiful city. You lucky girl, you.
  3. aww thanks style_baby!

    i have heard that prague is indeed a wonderful and beautiful city, that means i am def. going to take plenty of pics! ALSO, im planning on visiting the LV there, hehe.

    Right when i get off the plane in prague, its time to start singing, how am i going to sleep tonight haha :heart:
  4. Have a wonderful and safe trip Sophia!:flowers:
  5. Have a great trip!

    Prague is my birth place, it's a wonderful city and I am sure you'll have heaps of fun!
  6. thanks michelle!!
  7. I get a little worried about longer flights sometimes... but no worries- the longer flights are the easiest ones on the big planes!!! You will have a wonderful time and good luck!!!

    Prague is just stunning.. enjoy your time there!! :heart:

  8. AWW thanks Vlad! Im very excited! :graucho:
  9. Hope you have a wonderful time and a fabulous trip! You're very lucky to be able to go with your school on such a great trip :biggrin: Prague is a beautiful city, there is so much culture to experience there!!
  10. thanks for your words of encouragement Megs! :shame:

    i really cant wait to get there, eekk im sooo jumpy and excited:yahoo:
  11. thanks girl! :yes: :love:
  12. Have a great time and don't hesitate to take pictures of the men and post them here when you come back.
  13. Try not to think about the plane flight - once you take off you're all good (at least that's how I am). Just relax and think of all the fun you're going to be having - and LV! :smile: Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  14. haha you gotta love czech men.

    doesnt megs agree :roflmfao: :love:

    i will!

  15. aw thanks.

    im just nervous this time, but i know it will all be good ;)

    45 more mins on TPF and then im DONE and ill be back in 7 days!