CZ vs Moissanite Studs?

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  1. I'd like to buy 1.5 tcw sparkly studs. I only care about the visual effect, so I'm not considering diamonds (not that I could afford them anyway!).

    What I'm wondering is: Would moissanite studs be brighter/more sparkly than CZ studs? Moissanite is still a big price jump from CZ, so I don't want to go for moissanite if it will look just like CZ.

  2. i had my 2 tcw moissanite earrings stolen recently. they were probably 10 years old, so i've been looking at new options.

    moissanite is much whiter than it used to be, and i'm going to replace the old with f1 pair. they are supposedly in the colorless range, my old ones had a tinge...but i thought that made them believable.

    I've had cz go cloudy on me, moissanite never did. but they were earrings...not sure how it would wear on the hand.
  3. I bought mine about seven years ago, they have a greenish tint so I rarely if ever wear them, hopefully the newer ones are much whiter.
  4. i've seen bad ones and beautiful ones, my old ones were more of a grayish than yellow or green. they looked like j color diamonds, which is reasonable for earrings.

    i haven't seen the new versions, but are supposedly 100% better. i'm going to buy from moissaniteco
  5. The cut of CZ will always look crisper and the play of light is most similar to diamonds. The downside is that they can get cloudy, the material is more prone to damage, and they will need more frequent replacement. Moissanite will have more "sparkle" but it's a different effect and the material needs to be cut differently due to double refraction and chemical structure. However, moissanite is a stone where you can buy a single pair and they will last a lifetime. It's up to you to determine what you are looking for in your visual effect.
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  6. My mom used to wear nice cz studs set in gold, but they got cloudy within a year of regular use. But she used to keep it on 24*7 and did not even take them off during showering. I will vote for moissanite. I am looking for a pair myself later this year. However, if you want more diamond like appearance I think Asha czs will do it. I have heard they have a permanent diamond coating.
  7. I am trying to take some pictures of my moisanite rings and earrings but can't seem to get a good one.
  8. i rarely cleaned my earrings, purposely. the moissanites have more fire in them, than a diamond. so i just let them be. they were never cloudy, but when i cleaned them they almost looked a little too lively. that's probably the only complaint i had.

    my kid had people over to our house, earrings were sitting on a mantle while i was out of town. never seen again. luckily they weren't the real deal. really angers me that a person in my home would take them, but that's a good reason for fakes....i'd seriously lose my mind if they had been genuine diamonds.

    i miss them, and plan to buy another pair very soon. looking forward to seeing the new version.
  9. I also had a moisonnite cross that I just loved, took it off to clean it, put it on my windowsill, next thing I knew I couldn't find it, I think I might have thrown it in the trash, I had a very bad habit of wrapping my jewelery in tissues and lost many of them. Lost one that I had put in my golf bag, went thru that whole course and never found it, this one was a diamond ring. I can't tell you how much jewelery I have lost.
  10. Moissanite looks and is nothing like CZ, at all. So that price difference is for a reason.
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  11. I say moissanite for earrings so the sparkle can show better than the sparkle of CZ. I love moissanite though it does not seem to get much love on tpf
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  12. If i had to choose between the two of them, I'd go for Moissanite, because of the reasons listed. CZ's will eventually get cloudy, and so to me that is money wasted, especially if you buy gold posts. Diamond Bistro often has Moissanite studs listed for good prices. And occasionally, some nice deals come up on diamond earrings as well.

    there's a pair up right now that's 1.5ctw
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