cz versus the real deal...

  1. A coworker and I were discussing engagement rings (we work in the jewelery biz), and she made an interesting statement. She said she'd rather receive a 3 carat flawless looking cz than a .25 carat authentic diamond. I'd prefer a real diamond. Even if no one knew but me, it'd bother me to have a cz. If the guy can't afford a large diamond at the outset, there's always the opportunity to upgrade later. Just wondering everyone's opinion as it relates to engagement rings. I personally don't like cz ever.
  2. I'm with you, it would bother me too. And, I'd rather have a small, good quality diamond than a large, lesser quality one.
  3. Definitely the real thing... Diamond holds its value... (most of the time).. but CZ?? It's okay to wear for fun if it is a good style.. but as an engagement ring? no way...
    Like you said, you can always upgrade later..
  4. I'd definitely prefer a real, smaller diamond. Especially for my engagement ring, which is something I'd keep forever!
  5. cz is the real deal - it's just a different deal! ;)

    One problem with cz, for those who choose it because they would prefer not to wear diamonds, is that like its grandma, the old school vintage rhinestone, only a jeweler with a loupe can tell what material the bling is actually made of!

    One workaround is to wear rhinestones - or czs - cut into such huge stones that if they were diamonds, the wearer would be unlikely to be walking around without a bodyguard close behind. And a couple of pages and footmen. ;)
  6. I think cz is fine for trendy pieces that you don't want to spend a lot on or to take on travel.
    However, for pieces I want forever, I'd definitely prefer diamonds.
  7. My feelings exactly.:yes:
  8. It would bother me too if I knew my ring was a cz. I would rather have a smaller ring and have it be real. That being said. I got a pair of asscher studs from QVC that match my ring perfectly. I get a kick out of it as people think they are real and they look awesome on. A ring is just different though.
  9. I would much rather have say, a real diamond that was only .35 carats or something that sparkled and was real than a 1.5 carat CZ for an engagement ring. Some things are fads, so CZ earrings or something wouldn't botherly me nearly as much as my engagement ring, as that is supposed to be a very special piece that you can hand down to your daughters or daughters-in-law. CZ's won't last....they get cloudy over time!
  10. I don't have a problem with cz, as long as the person wearing it knows it's cz. And if a person has an ethical issue with diamonds (conflict diamonds), then cz is a nice option.
  11. As the girl I am I would prefer a diamond but it really shouldn't matter what you wear. I got my engagement ring but I want a bigger stone and it kinda bothers me/makes me ashamed. When it comes down to it, it's about you and your partner and your love and not a diamond ring but diamonds sure looks nice.

    But a lot of people cant tell the difference between a cz and a real diamond so why bother then? :confused1:

    Although I do understand that some people want the diamond quality
  12. i have real diamonds...i have 1 carat earrings and 2 carat necklace from my best friend has a 2 carat CZ engagment ring...and seriously holding them next to each other it looks the same if not the CZ looks better (of course cause its perfect). I would definatly have NO problem with a CZ engagment ring. I dont think it should matter, as long as you love the person who gave you the ring.

    Diamonds personally to me dont symbolize anything. It doesnt mean more love the bigger the carat, it just means you spent more money, thats just my opinion.

  13. I agree with you. I could care less either way. To me what matters is the love that sparked the desire to buy the ring. The ring itself is just a piece of jewelry. I will always PROUDLY wear my future wedding ring, but what the ring symoblizes means more to me than the Carat weight or if its real or not.
  14. I would have no problem with a cz whatsoever- as long as it was believable, 2 cts or less, and in a gold setting. The cz is going to last forever, just like a diamond.
  15. You are so right. I believe that practically no one can tell the difference if the cz is set in a proper quality setting. The reason is that even with diamonds, the quality and fire really do vary enormously.

    I think people should do what makes them happy, there is no real high ground here as everyone has different priorities as to what they can and choose to spend their money on.

    I would even go as far as to say that the .25 c. diamond would not be worth that much more if anything than a 2c quality cz. The second hand market for diamonds is basically pennies for pounds, especially at the lower end of the market.

    For me personally, I would prefer not to get the .25 c. diamond er. I would rather show off with something fake that looks better, or alternatively wear nothing at all. I think we are all entitled to have the dream, and it comes in many ways. I also think the bigger cz (I wouldnt go 2 c. maybe 1.5) would get more compliments and give more enjoyment if thats the crowd you mix in. I have heard of jewellers doing this and it is very effective.