Cypress, TX Outlet - Post your finds!

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  1. I didn't see a thread on the Cypress Coach Factory outlet located outside of Houston, so I thought I'd start one!

    Let's see all your lastest finds!

    Here is my latest purchases (last 2-weeks).


    Please share your finds!
  2. Awesome finds!! Actually there was an old thread called Houston Outlets or something. But thats cool, we need a new one.

    Welcome to tpf!! :smile:
  3. I hope some other gals post! It seems this outlet only gets 1 or 2 of the really good finds and I always miss out! I'm curious to see what other's have found at this outlet! Plus, it will keep us all posted on what's new!


    They have about half a dozen, including 1-large and 1-large coral. They are 30% off reg. price.
  4. I went to the Cypress outlet last week and bought a Penelope Linen Lurex Lg shopper, a Lg Patent Plum Sabrina, a Large patent Rose Zoe and a Black leather Zoe in med and a python wristlet ( I will upload pics as soon as I find my camera, my 2yr old hid it somewhere:P)
    I might go this Sunday so I will let y'all know what I find (or buy)
  5. I could possibly be headed there later this week after I get back from vacation. I can't wait to see what they have now.
  6. Love that pink keyfob

  7. SO YOU'RE THE ONE THAT PICKED UP MY PYTHON WRISTLET :crybaby:(they only got one!)

    Oh, I'm glad another TPF got it - and that lovely plum sabrina as well! Good for you!

    I was actually in right after you! The sales people told me that the wristlet 'just sold'. We should SO have a FOB to identify TPF'ers!

    I can't wait to see you're pics!
  8. Isn't it cute! It's a locket :biggrin: I need to put a pic of DD inside!
  9. Checked out the outlet last night and they have a TON of new peytons in - assorted colors! The Sabrina's are still there as well. They have several new FOBs, but that was about it (as far as new items)

    Sabrina's and Peytons

    More Peytons

    Steel Peyton?
  10. [​IMG]
    Gunmetal :smile:
  11. Yes, Bunny, gunmetal! This is a new outlet item! It wasn't there on Sunday, along with atlantic and the green! She's pretty! I bought the grey paton w/20%, but dang, this one is pretty! I wish I could justify having 2-peytons, but I think the husband would disagree :smile:
  12. The metallic peytons are on the table with only 30% off? And the green, atlantic ones are 50%?
  13. I am just sitting here feeling so helpless in Colorado seeing all of those peytons - we will never get those......:nogood: Good for all of you Texas gals though.
  14. Cypress has 3 sabrinas- small and large patent camell and large in coral. I saw one python Madison wristlet... 9.99 fobs: J and K, a few cell lanyards. Zoes were med for 229 plus 30% off, I think the large were 259 plus 30%. The pouches were 129 plus 30%. There was a lady there who was talking very hush hush to an SA about getting one of those patent sabrinas for $224. I wanted to hear more about it, but they were whispering.... I didn't buy anything, just returned a few things.
  15. ^ peytons were pretty much the same colors as the pix above, minus the gunmetal one