Cynthia Vincet Dina- or similar style?

Jan 22, 2008
I have been looking at the Cynthia Vincent Dinah, which cost around $200. I never spent that much on sandals, I normally spent around $50 a pair because I wear them a lot in the summer to the beach, on the boat, etc. and they tend to get ruined within about 2 seasons. I have no problem spending more on quality shoes, but I'm afraid for sandals it's a waste. I am very hesitant to buy these because they have a leather sole which means I'm going to have be careful with them.


I found a similar pair by Colin Stuart, and they are $65.


I would get the lighter brown.

Which pair would you get and why?

Thanks in advance!

Also, has anyone seen any others that are similar? I really want a pair like this!