cynthia rowley summer bag - thinking of buying it!

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  1. i could have sworn i saw that particular bag at, but they just took away like 8 styles :sad: if you want to look around for her bags in general, sells a bunch of them, as does bloomingdales and nordstrom has a few, too!
  2. Yeah, if you can find it in the Anthro stores, you save SO MUCH on shipping, not to mention they add tax (most online stores don't really do that...)

    But the bag is nice, but I think it's very shiny. And, from what I have learned too, pay attention to the size measurements. Everything I ordered from there always looked WAY bigger in real life.
  3. That's because they have a lot of stores. Sales tax is charged in every state that has a brick and mortar.

    I don't see the brand on Saks' website, but I always find Cynthia Rowley at Off 5th, so Saks has to carry it at some point.
  4. Ah ha! Gotcha. I never knew that.

    But then again, I live in Illinois, so a LOT of the stores that I shop at don't have a brick and mortar. But anyway, that makes sense.