Cynthia Rowley Handbags

  1. Hi
    I was wondering if anyone has the cynthia rowley antoinette handbag and if so did you think it was worth the price
  2. How much is it (if you don't mind my asking)? If it's on sale I say go for it!

    I just bought my first Cynthia Rowley bag-- a Colleen Too leather satchel-- and I love it so much. The leather is so deliciously smooshy and it's VERY well made. I seriously love everything about it. I only paid $112 for it, but I would have paid twice as much! HTH :flowers:
  3. The Antoinette is a really cute bag btw! :yes:
  4. I've never heard of her bags? Where do you find them?
  5. They are available at katophileo
    Ive seen the bag one time in person and nm last call and liked it
    I just wasnt sure if it was worth the money
  6. Im glad you like yours. I liked it when I saw it in person at NM but I think at that time I didnt want to pay what they were charging. I think it was close to 300?
    Its 298 at kataphileo and then if you use code kata25 it takes off an additional 25%!
  7. ^ I got mine from Amazon (directly, not from a partner seller)...

    It's some of the nicest leather I've ever felt and I LOVE that it doesn't have any logos on it!!!