Cynthia Rowley bag help, please!

  1. Ok, I know this isn't going to give anyone much to go on, but here goes: I am dying for this particular Cynthia Rowley bag. Its a black handbag (no shoulder strap), zip top, and pockets all over it, with a little flaps on the pockets. This bag came in black, yellow, white, and baby girl pink that I have seen. A friend has the black (I've offered her up to $500 for it and she won't part with it :sad: ) I saw the yellow and white on ebay (not one currently listed or I would post the link) and saw the pink one at Off Fifth several months ago. I have her smallest "Serena" bag (great find on clearance at TJMaxx), but I've wanted this other one (in black) from the first time I saw it. Does this sound AT ALL familiar to anyone who might know what its called or when it came out? My friend said she got hers, maybe a year or 2 ago? I have been all over the internet and except for the 2 on ebay, cannot find anything, anywhere!:sad: I've even called her boutique in NYC and tried to describe it to them (no luck). So if anyone could shed some light....

    Thanks in advance!!!!:yes:
  2. I saw the bag similar last winter at Bloomingdales in Chicago.
  3. I know which bag you're talking about but don't know the name...I believe it is about 2 seasons ago....Keep checking e-bay...Zappos have some newer styles you might like.
  4. I have a similar Cynthia Rowley bag but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for. When you said no shoulder strap you meant no detatchable strap, right? The bag still has handles, right? Mine has handles long enough to hang over your shoulder. It has 4 pockets going across with turn-locks and a pocket on each side with flaps and the same turn-locks. Mine is the color natural according to the tag but to me it's a chamois color. I love this bag. The leather is fabulous. If by chance this is the same bag you're looking for, according to the tag it retails for $275 and it's called the "Gancio." Let me know if this is the same bag. If not, good luck with your hunt!:yes:
  5. It sounds like its in the same family, although I don't think its the exact bag I'm talking about. The straps of the one I'm interested in are too short to go over your shoulders, but other than that they sound very similar. Thanks for replying; at least I have a possible name and price range! :smile:
  6. BTW, I got my bag at TJ Maxx for $100. A great deal for sure. So be sure to check them out regularly if you have a TJ Maxx. I guess the same could go for Marshall's since they're part of the same company. Good luck again!
  7. I got my "Serena" bag at TJs on clearance for $80! I'll definitely keep looking there; sounds like thats where a lot of her overages and past seasons are ending up.:smile: