Cynthia Rowley anyone???

  1. So I was at the outlets near me (again!) and went into Saks and of course was looking at some of the bags - found and bought the most gorgeous, luscious Cynthia Rowley bag! it's sort of a chocolatey-bordeaux (sp?) and the softest leather....two handles...sort of a satchel...the perfect size....lightweight and just heavenly. Only $220 (down from the original price of $345). Anyone else have one of her bags?
  2. Here is a pic - not a good one...taken with my cell phone. Picture doesn't do it justice.
  3. I have one of her bags and just love it, the leather is so soft! Mine has chains on the handle though so it's kinda heavy.
  4. ^ ^ pretty.
  5. Love your new bag. How heavy is it.This may sound weird but does it weight much more then a pound. I would love a new bag.
  6. I have 3 of her bags. I'm a HUGE fan!!! Her leather is so soft & the bags I have are not heavy at all! I also have a pair of her leather heeled Mary Janes. SWEET shoe! I've always been satisfied with her products.

  7. Not heavy at ALL! Looks it in the picture but it's not. Way less than a pound I would say. Very light weight. Very roomy yet not enormous. I am small and look silly with a big bag - but it's big enough to carry a ton. I really love it.
  8. wow...your bags look amazing! the leather looks awesome! I love cynthia rowley but i have never bought any of her handbags. They look very unique and I really like the detailing!
  9. For some reason, my local TJ Maxx always seems to have a few Cynthia Rowley bags and the leather is always very impressive. It always feels very soft and the details are attractive. I know the TJ Maxx stores all sell different products but it's worth a try to go look at the one near you, if you're interested in seeing them IRL and getting a good deal.
  10. CR bag designs are pretty good to very good. Tasteful and not overdecorated.
    But leather quality....!
    The leather is dry, thin and usually colored with some synthetic paint instead of natural vegetable dye. Consequentially the bag from CR will last about a season or two. Well, one cannot really expect quality leather from a bag that sells for 300.00 new.

    For the reference Coach or Ghurka have always great quality leather.

    Just my 2 cents.
  11. They are really cute and trendy designs. I always found her leather to be really nice...
  12. Sorry - double post. :shame:
  13. I have a red Cynthia Rowley satchel - Love it! I think the leather is quite nice and the brass details make it special. I first noticed the bags on the mannequins at Saks and thought they were beautiful. I get many compliments on mine. :tup:
  14. I loooove Cynthia Rowley. I'm still hunting for one! :yes: