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Feb 8, 2007
The Palace
She is looking FAB at 59!! Absolutely fab! Look at those legs! :faint:

Still So Unusual! Cyndi Lauper, 59, shows off her quirky style with pink hair and cut-out pattern skirt for appearance on Extra

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She could pull off any quirky fashion in her 80s prime and it seems she still has that youthful fashion sense.
Cyndi Lauper defied the belief that women pushing 60 shouldn’t experiment with style as she filmed an interview for TV show Extra on Thursday.
The singer was joined by host Mario Lopez at The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles and made sure she stood out in her ensemble.

The star – who is currently donning a light pink wavy bob haircut - kept warm in a wrap-around coat to complement her black outfit.
Cyndi walked around the outdoor area with Mario and also enjoyed a tram ride with him at the retail centre.

She was there to discuss her new reality show Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual which documents her juggling work and family life.
The first episode airing on the WE network on Thursday shows her doing normal things like washing dishes and joking around with her husband of 21 years.
Lauper says the series is about ‘the struggle of the juggle’ as fans see her rehearse for The Voice and attend the Kentucky Derby.

The cameras follow her from New York to Los Angeles, and she admits her lifestyle means she doesn't see her 14-year-old son as often as she'd like.
‘I'm a f**king renaissance woman!’ she declares at one point.
Cyndi has said in the past about her bold style: 'I got a lot of grief about two years ago for my faux-hawk. People were making fun of it on comedy shows.
'But I don’t like to walk with the pack anyway, so of course they are going to make fun of me. I don’t care. 'Anybody really creative is going to end up on those lists.'

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Jun 3, 2007
I adore her, thanks for posting this I wasn't aware she was starting a reality show :smile:


Nov 8, 2009
East Coast
I have her show on right now and she's definitely an interesting!! I can imagine Christina Aguilera looking like Cyndi when she's older.


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Mar 15, 2009
I have her show on my DVR, will watch it tomorrow. I'm interested to see what she's like now. In the 80's she was a riot, lol!


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Feb 28, 2010
I love her! She doesn't come across as desperate like, ahem, Madonna even though she wears her hair in pink. I still sing along the song Time After Time [emoji4]