Cycle Questions

  1. If you have questions about your menstrual cylce, please post here!

    Anything having to do with timing, length, ovualtion days, symptoms, etc. goes...
  2. I thought I'd post pinkdot's question here...

  3. Thanks Tabbyco. I was just gonna post it myself. :smile:
  4. my understanding is that ovualtion almost always occurs 14 days before your period... so if you start your period on day 30, than you are ovualting on day 16... generally.
  5. You can't know for sure when you ovulate unless you follow your ovulation. The AVERAGE woman has a 14 day luteal phase (this is the time following ovulation to menstruation), but, you only need a 10 day luteal phase to allow for pregnancy (though that's really borderline). Some women have a longer luteal phase.

    If you are trying to get pregnant, just time it at least every other day from days 10 to 18 to be sure to "hit it" and I would suggest you follow your cervical mucus and temps too to see for SURE when you ovulate.

    Most of the time I have a 14-15 day luteal phase, but for about a year after my miscarriage I had only a 10 to 12 day luteal phase and the temps dropped LOW around day 9 and I had spotting - not a good sign for good fertility.
  6. Thank you for your answers, greatly appreciated.

    a follow up question to the first one. let say my O day is 16th, when should i start getting busy, I'm thinking 4 or 5 days before and the day of O right?
  7. ^Yep - up to one day after ovulation too, so day 17 "could" work too depending on when you ovulated during the day.
  8. Great thread.

    Have any of you ever experienced a severe change in your cycle length? For years, I had an incredibly precise 28 day cycle. It was so precise I could predict my period down to the hour. However, last month I experienced my first late period, and a 33 day cycle. And now, this month: another 33 day cycle! I was under a good amount of stress (combined with a bit of traveling) last month, but shouldn't my cycle be back to normal by now? Is this something you think I should see a doctor about? Thanks in advance ladies; you're the best.
  9. here's a question for you all - i was pretty young when i started the pill and i can't really remember what my cycles were like before i started it, but i think they were fairly regular. of course, i could predict when my period would start to the hour when i was on the pill for years. now that i've been off it for 8 months or so, my cycle has been super irregular. so my question is, even if your cycle is irregular, is your luteal phase (from ovulation to start of AF) generally the same? like if it's 2 weeks long, should it always be two weeks long even if the time from period to ovulation can vary from cycle to cycle? any insight is much appreciated!
  10. IDK? I have had 28 cycle down to the minute too... however, since TTC it has shortened a week and then would go back to normal. I think I am trying to hit a moving target.
  11. Who else here experiences abdominal pressure just prior to ovulation? I know it's considered normal but I wanted to hear how others experience it.

    It's happening to me RIGHT NOW, and I had a pos ovu test today and yesterday :yahoo: , so I was sure to do the deed this afternoon :biggrin:

    Anyway I think it is my ovary preparing to release an egg because it is on the left right now, and was on the right last month! I guess what it feels closest to is like when you have gas pain on one side. But I am pretty sure that's not what it is. I am on day 15 of my cycle.

    Another indicator that I am about to ovulate: I think my basal temp took a dive this morning, which means tomorrow I hope it will be high, showing that I have ovulated. Just in time for my job interview!
  12. Okay please don't overthink what I am saying....but do you notice that your "discharge" changes odor after ovulation?
    I didn't say bad odor!! But just different during different times during your cycle?
    I am really, really all up in my business since I started reading TCOYF!!
  13. According to TCOYF, the luteal phase of a woman should not vary - usually always the same. The book says it's the time up to ovulation that can vary for many reasons.
  14. I thought this theory was actually a myth.
  15. I think (and I could be wrong) that the myth is that most ovulate on the 14th day, not that you ovulate 14 days before your period... So you could have a 33 day cycle, which would put your ovulation at day 19....

    I might have to re-read that part in TCOYF...