Cyclamen vs. Fuschia...thoughts please!

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  1. Which do you prefer and why...
    How long into fall can you wear either...

    Thanks! :flowers:

    I've been lemming a cyclamen Kelly, but I think I'm out of luck, so I'm wondering whether to consider fuschia.
  2. FUCHSIA!!!!! But that's because I like pink, and Fuchsia is definitely more pink than Cyclamen. However, Cyclamen can actually go well with a lot of colors. It can go with black, white, pink, blue, violet, purple, raisin, grey and beige.
  3. I would definitely go with Fuchsia. It is a lovely color and would love to get one eventually.:love:
  4. Gee - why am I not surprised at your vote, Kou? :P

    Until now, I never considered Fuschia because I do believe cyclamen will go with ALOT more (plus it's a tad more conservative), but I heard cyclamen isn't being offered anymore. :wtf: Unless I find one quick - I'm going to have to go with second choices... (my store has many cyclamens in other styles).:sad:

    Please...if anyone sees a 28 or 32 cm cyclamen Kelly - let me know!!:sos:
  5. I'm no help because I love both!!!! :love:
  6. I do not care for purple (except, maybe dark raisin or the likes) so I much prefer fuchsia! And I'd wear fuchsia all year long!
  7. Any age limits on the fuschia? I feel like it's a very "young" color....
  8. Wait a minute, they're discontinuing Cyclamen?!!!!:crybaby: Nooooooo~~~ I love Cyclamen! Even though I do like fuchsia more ... Btw, are you looking for souple or rigide? Also, any preference for leather? I know 88Caviar on eBay was selling a cyclamen Kelly 28cm a few months ago. She may still have it if you send her a message.
  9. I'd wear one to my grave!;)
  10. Hermes NEEDS to make fuchsia available in every single leather out there!!! I'd love to have fuchsia in togo, clemence, box, swift, vache ligee, EVERYTHING!:nuts:
  11. Yes, my SA said they did not offer it at the Podium this time around which is usually a bad sign. Only hope is to find one, or "maybe" the podium will accept a special order in the future.

    I don't care whether it's souple or rigide, 29 or 32. I need it to be palladium though. I'd prefer chevre over epsom (I think those are the only 2 leathers for cyclamen, right?) . I'll try 88caviar...thanks!:flowers:
  12. Cyclamen also comes in box calf. They didn't offer Cyclamen in any leather at all?!!! Wah, now I'm depressed ... :crybaby: Oh and the bag that 88Caviar was selling did have silver hardware. At the time of listing, she was including a buldoc twilly with the bag as well. Good luck!
  13. I prefer fuschia because its really pink. Cyclamen has that purplish undertone to it.
  14. I remember that auction with the twilly as well.

    I prefer fuchsia myself, but cyclamen is lovely.

    I can wear fuchsia all year in Florida...and as Greentea said quite well...I 'd be going to my grave with it as well!!! Why not?
  15. Fuschia, if it is a bag.

    I just bought a cyclamen business card card that I love, but for bags I think my clear vote would be for a fuschia...
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