Cyclamen Paraty - comparison pics

  1. Smally, the colour on both is gorgeous! Congratulations on both your lovely cyclamens :smile:
  2. Thank you for your lovely comments Ladies.

    I am still feeling incredibly guilty for having both :blush:
  3. Don't feel guilty! Enjoy, you live only once!
  4. I love this thread but sad as well...... As I'm still searching for cyclamen, no good news.....
  5. That cyclamen paraty is amazing! I soooo wish I had the guts to carry a bag that color because its absolutely stunning. I had a pinkberry large paraty last year for a few weeks (before selling it)...I was obsessed with how pretty it was, but the color just wasnt me. I think red is about as bold as I can go. But Im always drooling over Amethyst bal bags. Hot pink is so so pretty!
  6. :ty: just needed a bit of reassurance :biggrin:
  7. I used to have a pink berry paraty but I sold it too, we just did not bond. The cyclamen is totally different, the leather is a different texture and the colour is amazing. If you can wear a red bag I'm sure you could carry this off ;)

    Sorry to hear you're still searching Joope. I'll keep my eyes open for you :smile:
  8. Don't feel guilty...they are very different but just have the same name (so to speak). Both are truly divine and I wish I had both but I just have bal cyclamen only.