Cyber Thursday. I feel so sad...

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  1. ok, my mom and i just placed an order for my BV yesterday.. I should have waited till thursday for the double cash back! is it ok to cancel the order and order again? Or would i get into trouble for that?:sad:

    I feel sad coz i'm giving the cash back check to my mom as her 'reward' for supporting my designer love. She's very practical but let's me get away with things and she admires them on me! She only likes express and macy's stuff!
  2. I've done that before and yes, I have cancelled my order and reordered.
  3. Really?! were you able to get a check still? This is looking hopeful!
  4. are you sure elux is going to be one of the double rebates people? is it every store?
  5. eluxury is included in the email they sent me :smile:
  6. Money back?
    What is that?
    How does it work?

    Newbie here.
  7. Wow, I had no idea about the double cash back! :nuts: Hmmm....:graucho:
  8. Oh man, decisions, decisoins.... I was just about to order a new pochette. Don't know if I should wait till tomorrow or hurry & get it before it sells out?
  9. mrrebates is separate from ******, i believe.

    i got an email from ****** this morning about the cyber promo thing... they didn't list which merchants yet, but mentioned that it's 800+ stores that are included. last time they did that, elux was part of it... so i'm pretty certain that it is!

    i'm so excited... i hope the azur items i want to get is still there (pochette, and saleya pm)
  10. I ordered online on elux, forgot to go thru ******, called elux and cancelled my order then reordered item going thru ****** first. No problem at all!!
  11. so if I order something on elux thru ****** tomorrow (thursday), I can get the free shipping (valid until midnite dec 14) and 8% rebate?

    I'm on ****** but I didnt get that e-mail.
  12. yup.

    i called elux but they're saying we'd just have to wait for the delivery guy and refuse then the return will be processed... argh..