Cyber Thursday. I feel so sad...


cruisin’ thru life :)
Mar 4, 2006
ok, my mom and i just placed an order for my BV yesterday.. I should have waited till thursday for the double cash back! is it ok to cancel the order and order again? Or would i get into trouble for that?:sad:

I feel sad coz i'm giving the cash back check to my mom as her 'reward' for supporting my designer love. She's very practical but let's me get away with things and she admires them on me! She only likes express and macy's stuff!


Jul 20, 2006
is mrrebates included in this?
mrrebates is separate from ******, i believe.

i got an email from ****** this morning about the cyber promo thing... they didn't list which merchants yet, but mentioned that it's 800+ stores that are included. last time they did that, elux was part of it... so i'm pretty certain that it is!

i'm so excited... i hope the azur items i want to get is still there (pochette, and saleya pm)