Cyber Thursday~****** and Eluxury question

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  1. This Thursday ****** is having Cyber Day again. Anyone know if Eluxury will be included again (8%)? Thanx.
  2. i just checked my email and got one from ******... what a nice surprise that they're doing a cyber promo again. i'd like to know if elux is included as well, otherwise, i'll still do some shopping at other stores anyway.

  3. Someone on the LV board said it will include Elux, yah! :yahoo:
  4. yay i love ******
  5. ehh we shall see if its good and who has what in stock :s
  6. what happens during these ****** sales? i am such a novice :sad:

  7. During the sale hours the cash back is doubled from 4% to 8% :smile:
  8. whats the site? lol
  9. ******.com:P
  10. 10% at Shopbop!!! :yahoo: