Cyber-tears of Joy... thanks PF and Addicted

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  1. I'm borrowing Cristina's cyber-tears for a moment.

    Addicted held this pink Chanel in her cart for me until I got it, then rushed around finding half a dozen codes until one finally worked. She's so sweet! I even offered to send her a box of chocolates as thanks (am I Forest Gump?) but I'll have to settle and buy her a drink when she visits San Francisco.

    Give Addicted reputation points!

  2. STOP IT:shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: ! I'm happy to do it for you - or any PF member:P !

    Hope you got to use a 15% coupon!
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  3. yay! that's so sweet!

    I LOVE that bag! karma for addicted!
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  4. That is so nice! I gave addicted some good rep.
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  5. me too! lol
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  6. I also gave some rep points! WTG both of you! :clapping
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  7. I gave you a [​IMG] reputation point too Addicted. That's a very nice thing for you to do!! Beautiful beautiful Chanel, IntlSet!!
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  8. That's why I love it here --> you girls are so genuinely kind. Yay purse forum!
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  9. I'm Soooooooo Embarassed!!!!:shame: Thanks for the rep points though - I'm clicking on all of you too!:P I love you gals!:love:
  10. Awww... addicted, you're so sweet! Congrats on the new bag IntlSet!
  11. Ohhh that was so nice of you addicted. This is such a great place. So when Intelset buys you coffee when you come to san francisco. We should have a playdate with our kids. lol;)
  12. Congrats on a beautiful bag, IntlSet! Your a real sweet gal, there, Addicted!
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  13. It was a really sweet thing to do addicted. But kudos to you for posting up here for her to get recognized IntlSet! I think you both deserve a topper!
    And a really lovely bag to boot!
  14. Nice bag. That's very nice of addicted.
  15. Aww.. now you have a really cute story to go with your bag as well, congrats on the snag ! ;)
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