Cyber Monday... what is it???

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Dec 11, 2006
Midwest America; God's country
Cyber Monday is a recent phonomenon, within the last three years websites noticed that online shopping, the Monday after Thanksgiving, was growing markedly. Subsequently online retailers started offering more discounts to entice buyers. Like Black Friday (the businest physical, shopping day of the year, the Friday after TG, Cyber Monday is etching it's own mile stone in the archives of American consumerism.

BTW there's all this speculation on how much money corporate America is losing with it's employees firing up webpages to buy, buy, buy on Cyber Monday........

Last, Sak's site is known to crash when they're having big sales. Last year on Cyber Monday is was practically inoperatable. They say they're prepared this year.:tup:


Never enough stuff!!
Nov 19, 2007
Oh Gosh I can't wait ! I am a huge online shopper.
Join the club. I should leave all my cards in a safe deposit box tomorrow. Like I need another incentive to buy more. I already spent a fortune on Juicy accessories. Thank God I am working tomorrow.


Oct 29, 2006
Best Buy's Cyber Monday stuff is pretty much a joke. I also received the Circuit City 10% off code although I am not very impressed with their offerings either. Saks just had the 60% off, then 50% off, so I am curious as to what it will be tomorrow (anyone remember what it was last year)? A 25% off coupon code would be great. I heard on the radio yesterday that their earnings are above forecast but they remain optimistic - so we shall see.