Cyber Monday... what is it???

  1. Hi there all...

    Excuse my ignorance... but what is cyber-monday? I was just on another website that said "don't miss cyber-monday beginning at 10:00am" but it had no explanation.

    Am I the only one who doesn't know about this? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!:flowers:
  2. cyber monday is the busiest online shopping day of the year. therefore a lot of stores offer good cyber monday deal.
  3. When is cyber monday ?
  4. This Monday is cyber monday. Most places do free shipping or an additional % off
  5. It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, so 11/26
  6. Ooohhh Thanks d1000... don't know how I didn't know that. I'm a big online shopper! :p

    Yes, the date is this Monday November 26 --
  7. Oh Gosh I can't wait ! I am a huge online shopper.
  8. I had no idea ...thanks for the great info:tup:
  9. I'm just wondering *how* can it get any better at this point? Everything I've seen is like 30 and 40 off... it's insane. I just can't stop buying because everytime I turn around there's another sale! :nuts:
  10. anyone know of any great sites that will be offering awesome deals this coming monday?
  11. I haven't seen anything advertised except for where ginaf20697 mentioned. That's what clued me into the whole Cyber Monday event.

    Anyone with details... please post. TIA! :flowers:
  12. Wow!!!

    I just googled it and look what I found - an entire site dedicated to Cyber Monday.
    I haven't even taken a peek at it yet to see what's worthwhile here, but wanted to post in case anyone else is interested. ;)

    Here's a few to note:

    Neiman Marcus 3%
    Saks Fifth Avenue 5% 4%
    Wow! in case anyone needs -- 15% 6% 3%
    Oooh! 7% 5%

    omg! 30% (gifts, gifts gifts!!)
  13. ok, well now that I've read through this website... I hate to say it, but that site is not for the customer to receive a % back, but rather to benefit a charity.

    QUOTE from the site:
    Why should I shop at the Cyber Monday Mall?

    A percentage of your proceeds from each purchase from the mall will go towards the Ray M. Greenly Scholarship Fund. The Fund will help introduce students to the The Fund will help introduce students to the online and multi-channel retail industry by providing financial support to deserving students enrolled or enrolling in universities that offer relevant studies.

    Soooooooooo sorry guys. I made a big mistake. I also think this is outdated information from November 2006 because they are referencing the date as the 27th and we all know this year the Monday after is the 26th. :push:

  14. do online retailers really offer a higher percentage off - like saks/nm/nordies, etc? seems like they all followed the traditional black friday discounts.
  15. Wow...never heard of this.
    Nice to Know!