Workplace CYA E-Mails - advice and inspiration needed


Beware the BIN Paw
Apr 25, 2007
It's been years since I've needed to send these and I am out of practice. Your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I work for a woman who instructs me to send emails taking specific positions (which we need to do because of our role in the corporate structure). If these positions prove unpopular, she throws me under the bus while back pedaling. Last week, this occurred three times in the same conference call and I now have permanent tire marks on my back. Her actions have destroyed my credibility at this company and of course, completely eroded any trust I may have once had in her. It also makes it very hard to accomplish anything when she never supports me nor takes a position and sticks with it.

Until I find another job, I need to make sure the "credit" for these emails goes where it belongs.

So, suggestions on how to appropriately attribute her ideas?


Jun 4, 2007
i'm not sure i totally understand what you're having to do.... but when my boss tells me to email someone and i don't totally agree with what i'm suppose to be emailing this person about I will say "[boss] says....." or "[bossy] wanted me to email you...." so that they know it's coming from her and I'm just the messenger


Nov 18, 2009
In the emails you send, would you consider adding language to the effect of 'I spoke with [boss' name] and our position is.....'

This way she is now on the hook. Not sure how she will accept or handles this. As an alternative, I sometimes add notes to my working file saying 'spoke to ---- and she told me to send an email saying blah blah blah'. Not the best solution but something for CYA


Jul 18, 2012
I recommend sending her a draft of the message for her approval, cc'ing her on the message, using terms like "we" and "the department" in the verbiage so it's not pinned on you and shows that you are the messenger, and definitely save any emails she has sent you directing you to send out any notes. If she knows you are keeping track of her correspondence and orders with you...maybe she will be less inclined to throw you under the bus later. Hope that helps!!