CW's "Crowned"???

  1. Has anyone watched this show?? My Tivo taped it cause it was still taping for ANTM, so I was bored and watched it. OMG is all I have to say, what an odd show :confused1:.

    Shanna Moakler is the head judge and looks like she has been sucking laughing gas or something...and Carson Kressley had more orange lipstick on than the 2 female judges put together.

    What an odd show is all I have to say...and how they all cry at the end after they "De Sash" each other with rhinestone scissors??? Its just too much :roflmfao: Are TV execs that desperate to find something to air that they create such a goofy show??
  2. I've seen all the episodes so far. I thought the first one was the best... hilarious!!

    The red headed mom and daughter (I can't remember their names) but they are truly scary looking. Botox much?
  3. Yes!

    Even I can't watch this and I am a reality show ho. Just can't watch this. I've never understood beauty pageants so maybe that's why I have no interest in this.

  4. I don't know if it is the same pair, but there is one team called the sexy sincere redheads or something, Patty and Laura are their names, the daughter's talent is emitting loud squeals that I believe she intends as some sort of semi-operating singing.

    Both mother and daughter are really only moderately ugly, but they squinch their faces into these grimaces, the effect is a sort of rictus macabre, like those medieval death masks or something.

    They appear to sincerely believe that they are both the most breathtakingly beautiful and talented creatures who ever breathed air.

    In the first episode, it is very early in the morning, and the daughter is doing her squeals, and someone comes along and very politely whispers that many of the ladies are still sleeping, and the daughter squinches up her face and says "Well we are going to rehearse. Sorry."

    Whenever I see them, I think of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters. They would be absolutely perfect for those roles. I hope some casting director will have the vision to offer them that opportunity.

  5. HAHA It amazes me how the daughter thinks she sounds great too:lol: Kinda like that knothead Parisa on the Real World...that chick thinks she is Christina Aguilera :push:

    I think the whole cast on this show could be hired as Ugly amazes me this garbage is even on our airwaves. I would rather watch Sesame Street or the Brady Bunch LOL!
  6. Bumping this up. This show has gotten crazy the last few episodes.

    I CANNOT stand the Sincere Sexy Reds or the Beauty is Skin Deep teams - they are just awful human beings. :throwup:

    Laura, the redhaired daughter is ROTTEN! I was so disappointed she and her mother didn't get eliminated this week. I wonder if her mother is ashamed of Laura's behavior?

    Who do you all think is going to win? Any favorites?
  7. I know, I know! Sincere Sexy Reds?! WTF? How about Sincerely Ugly Reds?! I don't think I have ever seen a pair as delusional as them.

    Beauty Is Skin Deep should be booted, as well. They are very mean and very cruel. I could not believe the things that came out of their mouth!

    I adore the spirit in Gina and Holly, although at times they can get cheesy. I also wouldn't mind if the Wyoming (or is it Utah?) pair win...I really do feel sorry about their situation and not having a thing.

    The show is dumb...but I can't stop watching, lol!
  8. Seriously! Do you think the judges have any idea of how they act in the house? I can't imagine that they do, but who knows?

    I am rooting for the Wyoming duo too, but mostly I just hope none of the nasty teams win. :yucky:
  9. Ok, when is this on? I :heart:Carson Kressley. I miss Queer Eye.
  10. Wednesday nights at 8:00, before Gossip Girl. :yes:
  11. I think the Ugly Stepsisters originally called themselves the Redheaded Bombshells or something, and Shana et al suggested that they try to come up with something better.

    Young Ugly speaks to her mother in ways that no human being should speak to another. But in all fairness, it was Old Ugly who taught her everything she knows about respect for one's elders.

    Nor is Young Ugly the only one whose idea of an appropriate way to address one's mother offers the world a rare window into an aspect of US culture that many will not have known about.

    I agree with ChocoGrace that Gina and Hollis are pretty cheesy, but in the context they are in, I'm not sure that is really going to put them at a disadvantage.

    At least they seem to be less skanky than the others, that has to count for something, even to Shana.
  12. I watched the first few episodes, and I can definitely say this is an "interesting" take on reality t.v. What happened this week? (that's the only episode I've missied so far.)

    The redheads scare me. ( ^^^^ I love the Young Ugly/Old Ugly terminology!) Their picture should be in the dictionary, next to the listing for "dysfunctional co-dependent relationship." They look like creatures that crawled out of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" video. I wouldn't be so hard on their looks if they didn't have ugly souls to match.
  13. shes such a brat and always giving her mom crap, i would want to smack her if i was hr mom. I like the hot and not i think there name is and they were told to change it.. I also like the ones that dont look like your normal beauty contestants, forgot the name they came up with.... dream gals???
  14. I set my TIVO to record this show because I thought I would have ANTM withdrawls..and needed something to watch in that time slot. I just watched the first 4 episodes the other night...and LAUGHED my hiney off. I didn't get to see this past Wednesday's show cause our stupid cable was out for a few hours..I have to admit..I was bummed
  15. Oh you missed a goodie LOL!!!! The winners of the challenge won the boobie prize, a flower corsage to wear on their wrist :roflmfao:

    This show is so tacky its pityful, especially that ding dong Shanna Moakler. She thinks she is this BIG time TV host and it appears by the photos that they are in a school shooting this program. But isnt it like so pathetic you HAVE to watch, kinda like when there is a car accident you have to look?:shame::upsidedown: