CVS test

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  1. Has anyone done the CVS test? I am supposed to take it next Thursday and am very nervous. My risk for downs syndrome was 1 in 251, I just turned 40. With those numbers they told me I had an increased risk. I am 12w5days today.
  2. I didn't have to get this done but did you get the nuchal translucency ultrasound yet? I heard that if you get the nuchal and it's normal than aminio and CVS is not usually necessary.
  3. I done it and it turned out fine. I think your biggest pitfall is the worry before this test. Think positive and I know it is hard...
  4. i never did any of those kinds of me it didn't matter. my baby was my baby no mater what :smile:

    i was told the same...but i was only 31 at the time...hmm
  5. i'm 35 and just had my first child. i turned down all tests because like pinkhearts said, my baby was my baby no matter what the outcome. with that said, i know it's very important for some women to know before their baby is born the results of certain tests. and i can understand that, too. GL! i'm sure everything will turn it fine.

    and more importantly, congratulations on the pregnancy!
  6. Thanks... I would have been happy if the nuchal translucency ultrasound had put me in 1 in 300... but because it was less than 299.... the report said, "Increased Risk"

    Eww I read in a book that CVS was started in China to determine the sex of the child.
  7. We had a 1 in 8 chance of Downs....boy was that a terrible feeling, I cannot tell you enough. I did the CVS and yes it was painful but all I cared about was knowing. She turned out perfectly and Im holding my 3 week old little beauty right now.

    Mine hurt because I have a tilted uterus, so they had a hard time getting a sample - and they had to practically do it twice, ugh. I also wasnt happy about the team of random residents and nurses in there wathching, but I survived and I would do it again.
  8. Viba- you are so lucky, one of my best friends had a 1 in 7 chance and after the amnio, she found out the baby had downs. Anyone else here have the test?
  9. Hi Duranie,

    I tried to have a CVS, but couldn't. My uterus was tipped backward and hiding behind my bladder, so the doctor couldn't get a good angle to do the CVS. They tilted the table back so far that I was pretty much hanging upside down and they still couldn't get a good shot with the needle.

    I did an amnio instead, since as the baby grew, the extra weight tipped my uterus forward again so it was accessible. I would have much preferred to have a CVS and found out earlier.

    The amnio wasn't bad. I was nervous and had DH with me, but if you can relax and not tense your muscles, it may not be that painful. It does depend somewhat on the position the baby is in, since they need a clear pocket with some open space. For me, it wasn't bad, but I had one friend where they really had to work to get a good spot, and hers hurt. In any case, it's over in just a couple of minutes. I took it easy for the rest of the day, but was fine. The wait for results was a very, very stressful week, so if they do the Fisch quick results or anything like that, I would definitely opt for it.

    I am pregnant again (only 6 weeks right now) and am hoping that somehow I can have the CVS work this time; if I can't, I'll do another amnio. For me, there's no question of not wanting to know. I had other high-risk elements to my pregnancy, and this took some worry off the table for me.
  10. I'm thinking a needle in the stomach won't be so bad for me as I got pregnant via IVF and for a good 2 weeks I was putting 3 needles in my stomach a night! Before that I had 5 IUI's and 2 other IVF's... needle in the stomach, easy. LOL (I'm not really laughing...just trying to cover the pain of many years of torture but I FINALLY got pregnant)
  11. I chose not to, I had heard bad things...and I felt like: would I "do" something if the results weren't good KWIM?
  12. Hi! I've had this test done so I've copied a reply I posted to a thread here in July of last year. The OP was having the test done and wanted to know what to expect. When I posted this I was 23 weeks pregnant and I am happy to report that our beautiful baby girl was born on October 30th...she will soon be 4 months old!

    Good luck with your pregnancy! BTW, I am 44 years old so it is possible :flowers:

    Hi! First time poster here in this subforum. Now that I'm happily expecting I've been lurking here for the past few months...I normally hang out in Coach.

    Anyway, I've had two CVSs performed in the past year and a half with my most recent one done on April 23rd. The procedure itself is not painful just a bit uncomfortable; I believe it largely depends on the doctor performing the procedure.

    They will probably take you in to do a genetic consultation first and will confirm that you want to procede with the CVS. After that they will do an ultrasound, do some measurements on the baby and check where your placenta is to determine if they will go in through your belly or transvaginally. I believe they prefer to go in vaginally (both of mine were done this way). You will be on an exam table in stirrups like usual, the doctor performing the CVS will be at the end of the table and there will be a nurse doing the ultrasound so the doctor can see what he/she is doing. The tube itself is extremely thin and like I said does not really hurt. It helps if you relax and breathe (easier said than done). They will take enough of a sample to ensure that the test can be performed. Once the procedure is complete (probably 15 minutes max) they will do another ultrasound to ensure baby's heart is beating and all is well. After the procedure you will experience some bleeding and cramping; the cramping goes away fairly quickly ( a few hours) and the bleeding normally lasts about three days. Do rest, keep your feet up and drink lots of water. The full test results usually take about ten days but you can ask for FISH results which can be done in three (this will give you results on Downs, Trisomy 18 and one more that I cannot recall).

    As I stated above, I've had this done twice. Sadly, my first one last year in February was done to confirm what the Level Two sonogram had already shown which was that my baby had Trisomy 18. I lost that pregnancy two weeks later at 15 weeks. I can happily report that this time we had it done because of the prior Trisomy 18 pregnancy and my age and all is perfect. I will be 23 weeks on Sunday.

    Hopefully they can give you some peace of mind when they take you in to do the ultrasound because they'll be able to measure the folds on the baby's neck and if all appears well that reduces the risk by about 60%. I think that in itself helps relax you for the procedure.

    I hope this information helps! I'm praying for you and the baby and please keep us posted
  13. Thank you so much Neliza! Isabella is beautiful. The Dr performing it is Ronald Wapner and he is 1 of the founders of the test.. he is with Columbia/ NY Presbyterian in NYC now. I feel a little safer knowing he is known as "the"expert.
  14. Hi Duranie! I was away last week and just wanted to check back in! It sounds like you were in great hands with your doctor. I hope all turned out well :flowers:
  15. I've been thinking of you as well and hoping it all went well. I especially hope you got the results and aren't stuck in that torturous wait -- that was the worst part for me!