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    I know celebrities wear these. I don't want to seem like I'm "misrepresenting" myself, but hell, I have a couple water bras. It's like a guy takes off my bra and is like "Dude, where'd the titties go?"

    I saw a show where some woman managed to wear these without a bra. I don't know the particular brand or anything, but if these somehow magically stay in place, that'd be amazing.

    Anyone have any experience?

    And omigod, imagine me marrying a senator and some tabloid drudging up this post. "Senator's Wife Stuffs Bra: What Else Does She Lie About?"
  2. :lol: Love this title!... I was thinking of getting some myself, but I'm afraid it'll end up like that episode of Will and Grace where her water bra bursts and she ends up spraying it everywhere...
  3. I might get these to fill out my wedding gown :biggrin: :biggrin::shame:
  4. No experience.. but I'm definitely a member of the IBTC club !
  5. me too only worry is it's all good when the clothes are on but when they come of they guy will be like what the hell.....where'd everything go? :shame:
  6. LOL! I used to swear I'd marry a Senator one day! LOL!
  7. OMG one of my friends had those (she finnaly got augmentation to take care of that though) and one day she removed them and left them in my car (this was before I met my husband). I went on a date that night and I drove. Guess who found those and assumed I stuffed my bra?
  8. IntSet, I don't have experience with those you posted which are inserts to bras. But I have these silicon ones :shame: that sticks on without straps ( I love them when I need to wear a backless top to go out at night. They do make your breasts (am I the only one not embarrassed to say the word?) look fuller and you can create cleavage with it too (with the clip in the middle). I got them when they first came out (it was expenive then) but the price has gone down and they have more colours and different kind (thinner ones, fabric ones) now. There are other cheaper brands too, but I heard they don't stick on very well (imagine them falling off on the dancing floor, oopse). Have a look! I don't think they are as exaggerated as Wonderbra though.
  9. I can attest that these are fabulous. I had them in the large sizes from Fredericks years ago (it seems like those are the large ones too - 2 cup sizes, fabulous). I called them chicken breasts; because that is what they looked and felt like.

    I had the surgery 3 years ago; but, all throughout my 20's these were my best friends (and I wore them with padded bras, I needed all the help I could get.)
  10. I have one of those too that I wore with my backless dress for winterformal. Maybe it's just me, but I found it difficult to stick it on right.
  11. i've been wanting to get the surgery for years but i've been too scared by all the horror stories i've heard.....hardening/losing all feeling/infection, etc----plus doctors just scare me........and just how strange i'd look when i'm older or if i ever decided to have them removed.....but the idea is still extremely appealing to me...i dunno
  12. It does take a few practising session. Once you master it, it's great. Now that i have revisited their site and found these new feather-lite ones, I am definitely getting them. Although the silicon ones give you a fuller look, it's definitely heavy (not recommended for over C cup). I am so excited with these feather-lite ones especially summer is approaching. I know other brands make similar stuff too, but I have faith in this one.:nuts:
  13. I have several friends who had it done. None have horror stories or anything funny looking. One friend had an air pocket but her doctor took care of it right away. If you want it done, you get what you pay for. Just do research and think of the price as two Chanel's ;)
  14. i bought mine years ago ( i think 4 to be exact) and used it once or twice but then i got paranoid that on a hot summer day they're unstick and so put them away.....wonder if the adhesive has dried up.....
  15. LOL I'm a lifelong member of the I.B.T.C. I wear the water bra, and so far no leaks. I've considered augmentation,but I'm afraid of the possible complications. I'd look so much more balanced if I just had a little more on top. Maybe one day I'll have it done...