Cutiepie's Collection!

  1. Hi all,

    I just started collecting LV! I have a very small collection that I hope will grow into the beautiful collections that all of the girl's here have. So... here they are! Enjoy!:happydance:

    Damier speedy 25
    Multicolor Speedy- My fav! :love:
    Family shot!
  2. BOTH bags are STUNNING!!!:love: Thank you for sharing!:flowers:
  3. Gorgeous, and Louis Vuitton is dangerously addictive, I'm sure we'll be seeing more in the future. ;)
  4. Your speedy twins are beautiful.
  5. Beautiful bags! THanks for sharing!
  6. Add a wapity to that!! My special lover surprised me with it today to match my speedy!! :love: :love:

  7. Just gorgeous!
  8. nice collection
  9. i :heart: all of them, especially the wapity! :love:
  10. love the damier speedy!!!
  11. Pretty collection! The MC Wapity is too cute.
  12. Nice pieces!
  13. the color combination for your multi speedy is so pretty! and what a special person to get you that beautiful wapity! :smile:
  14. Nice speedys!
  15. i really like your two speedy bags.
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