Cutie Kiara's Collection

  1. I guess it's time for me to let these babies come out of the closets... :love: Enjoy....
    lvcol.JPG lvcol2.JPG lvcol3.JPG lvcol4.JPG
  2. i like your damier bucket :smile:
  3. [​IMG]

    i just got this piece!!! i love it
  4. VERY nice collection, thanks for sharing it!
  5. I just love your epi pieces, especially the noe!
  6. Cute bags! Thanks for sharing =)
  7. You got some great stuff.
  8. Love your LV pieces!!
  9. Nice collection! I especially love the Vuitton in the second thumbnail picture! GREAT bag! Thanks for the pictures!
  10. Thanks guys for complementing my babies.... it's my pleasure to share these pics to all of you...
  11. Great collection!!
  12. pretty collectionnnnnnn =)
  13. i love the mini monogram!!is that from the cruise collection?
  14. All of your epi pieces are very nice
  15. Cool collection!