cutie alert! New kitten!

  1. ahhhh, picked her up today, pure white, with different coloured eyes! If she was a boy would definitely call her Bowie ;D. But as she is a girl we are thinking Sugar? but if anybody has any ideas, throw them my way please ;)

  2. Such a cutie pie....I would call her Bowie anyway!!! Its not too boyish!
  3. :nuts: :love: :love: AWWWWWWWW!!!!! What a little cutie!!! I just want to scoop the little kitty up and kiss her!!! Congrats!!! I love the names you have picked out for either scenario.
  4. Congratulations on your new baby! She's going to have a wonderful home! I think Sugar is a perfect name for such a sweet kitty!
  5. What a sweet little baby! I like both names also.
  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!!:love: :love:

    Love the name Sugar:yes:
  7. thanks guys, I think he name Sugar is cute too, she is sweet and white ;)
  8. OMG! Soooo cute!! I like BOWIE!
  9. he he, I love Bowie too, but she has actually been bought for our daughter who is 11. She actually said, what is Bowie !!! :biggrin:
    dont you love the little ones ;)
    Hence why I thought Sugar would be best :biggrin:
  10. What a sweet kitten! I like the names you picked. Here's a few more ....
  11. Cutie. Too bad she's not Bowie, I'm :heart:ing that name.
  12. Sugar is a perfect name for this little sweety!!!

    I love cats with two different coloured eyes (mine is white with two different coloured eyes too!!).
  13. For an 11 year old....Sugar is the perfect name! She really is sweet.
  14. oh so cute !
  15. awww so cute.....even though I am afraid of cats.....very cute...