Cuticle Oil/Cream recommendation for the DRIEST of cuticles

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  1. OK I know that there is already a working thread for best cuticle cream.

    But I NEED serious help. I'd like to ask a combination of TWO questions.

    1. What cuticle oil or cream works best to penetrate dry cuticles? For those of us that need serious moisuture and not just a cream/oil that sits on top and then goes away.
    2. What cuticle creams/oils have you tried that DO NOT work for you? I'm working by process of elimination at this point because I feel like I've tried so many
    I have seriously dry cuticles that never seem to go away. It's affecting my manicures because no matter how beautiful my polish looks, it's ruined by my dry cuticles.

    Ive tried a number of oils but more seem to be temporary fixes. I've had better luck with cremes but am really trying to find one that works and cures with regular use.

    Also those ladies of you with nail blogs that seem to always have perfect cuticles in pics.....HOW DO YOU DO IT???????:thinking:
  2. Here's my feedback:

    LUSH Lemony Flutter
    PROS--- Very moisturizing and seemed to heal over time
    CONS-- Super greasy and I could only use at night, Went rancid before I could finish the jar and had to throw away

    JULEP Cuticle Oil
    PROS-- Oil works immediately to take away the dryness, easy to apply with roller
    CONS--Goes away in minutes, only a quick fix

    Lippmann Cuticle Oil
    PROS--Oil works immediately to take away dryness, easy to apply with dropper, smells good
    CONS--Expensive, goes away in minutes like most oils, does not seem to heal dry cuticles over time, just a quick fix

    PROS--Moisturizing, seems to heal cuticles over time, good travel container
    CONS-- Super thick formula, a little greasy so I can only apply at night
  3. I like Lush Lemony Flutter to use thru the day a couple times, but it seems great for upkeep only. To really soak in, I recommend that Lansinoh nipple cream. The generic smells awful, but putting it on at night works wonders.
  4. I am in the same boat as you so I am interested in what others have to say! I have used sally hansen cuticle oil and the butter London holiday handbag oil. Both are good short term, but don't last long and seem like a quick fix - they aren't getting to the root of the problem.

  5. Where can I buy it? Is the formula such that I can apply anytime of day as needed?

    I think thats my biggest thing with the ones that have sort of worked. They tend to be so greasy that I can only use at night. And mine are so dry that I'd like to be able to apply thoughout the day
  6. Try using smaller amounts of Lemony Flutter and it will contain the grease just to the cuticle and nail area. Just the tiniest dabs will suffice! And apply a few times during the day to tide you over till you do a major moisturize overnight.

    I think you can buy it from any drug store or pharmacy! I had the CVS brand version and it STANK but it was super effective. Very sticky and kinda waxy though but it works miracles. The brand name one apparently doesn't stink though! It's a Lanolin nipple cream for breastfeeding moms
  7. Exactly!! We need to get to the ROOT of the problem. :biggrin:
  8. I'm trying to remember where I got it (it's been awhile!). I think Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall/Pharma plus carries it. If they don't, try Toys R Us/Babies R Us.
  9. the nipple cream is probably lanolin. that is what i was given to put on my nipples to prevent them from drying out when breastfeeding (prob TMI).
  10. The next time I buy Lemony Flutter I need to remember to use less. I do remember grabbing quite a bit but even still it expired before I finished it.
  11. I have Toys R US here so I will remember that. thanks
  12. LOL!! Not TMI, very helpful

    I think it's so funny that its known for helping cuticles. How was this discovered and by whom? Haha.
  13. lol, prob someone thought if this will heal my cracked chaffed nipples, it will help my cracked and bleeding cuticles. or maybe someone just rubbed the extra into their hands and noticed the benefit, kinda like the barielle hand cream came about when horse groomers realized their nails were getting stronger after applying the cream to the horse hooves.

  14. Good point.

    Kinda like when I was a kid and discovered that my leftover fries from McDonalds taste really good if I dip it in my ice cream cone. hahahaha.
    YAY for accidental discoveries.....even though my story has absolutely nothing to do with anything:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. This helps seal moisture inside and helps lubricate the nipple while breastfeeding but it does get VERY greasy and I would suggest you use a little. Have you tried using pure vitamin e? I use it for burns, cuts, etc and I know it's like a healing serum.