Cutest Puppy!

  1. I took this video on my cell phone and put it on youtube because it is sooo cute! - YouTube - Puppies love shoes!
    How cute is that puppy! He loved my new Easy Spirit Traveltime shoes! LOL! At least he has a sense of fashion!
  2. That shoe is bigger than he is - but be careful, he might think that it's OK and when he's older, he'll be able to do alot of damage!
  3. your right!! it IS the cutest puppy!!!
  4. Soooo cute!! My dog ate a pair of my shoes when she was a puppy...boy did she get in trouble. Shoes are as sacred as bags to me!
  5. I agree, shoes are sacred, especially my new traveltimes, I live in them! But he is just so adorable, I couldn't say no!
  6. cocker spaniel right?


    they have the cutest pink bellies when they're babies!!!!
  7. awe.. haha he looks so excited to get to chew on it!
  8. So cute!!
  9. He's gorgeous:love: Not so cute to get your favourite shoes chewed to bits, though, so go careful, LOL
  10. so cute!!
  11. Really cute puppy! My dog likes to take our shoes out of the closet--doesn't chew them up, just takes them other places!
  12. Very cute- my pups used to travel with my shoes. Not really hurt any of them, but I used to find them on the bed
  13. Yes, he is a cocker spaniel!! What is it with dogs and feet? I have heard so many stories about dogs taking shoes and either chewing on them or just carrying them around. Growing up, we had a Golden Retriever and he would take socks out of the hamper, off the floor or even off your foot if you would let him and he would just walk around the house with the sock dangling out of his mouth. It was really cute (when they were my sisters socks) but I used to get really mad when I had no clean socks because the dog had them all! They were only socks, I don't know if I could deal with my dog taking my shoes all the time! I am very protective of my shoes, especially brand new ones (which my Easy Spirit's were)! LOL! I just couldn't say no to the cutest puppy in the world, it is just way too hard :smile: When something is that cute how do you enforce discipline?