Cutest pet contest for calander...need help!

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  1. So our local paper is running this contest for the cutest pets! They are going to be making a 15 month calander.

    So I need some help picking out the photo to send in. They have to be in the 15th of this month.


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  2. more pics...

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  3. My vote is for the third one from the left. What a cutie! Hope you win!!!
  4. The first one!! Good luck!
  5. Your second post (the 6th pic) with him mid-air, definitely.
    It's not blurry (a couple of the ones above it are a little bit) (1st & 4th). You also don't want to send something in with a shadow in the backround
    He's got such a cute face but the inside pic is a little dark and it's hard to see it, the outside pics definitely show more detail.
  6. The 3rd, 5th, or 6th! They're all so cute, I'm sure he'll be picked!
  7. #3 for sure!
  8. I like the 2nd to last one in your first post, then the one you added in your 2nd post. What a cute poochie! Good luck :flowers:!
  9. I vote for the one in your second post. They are all adorable, its hard to choose!
  10. The last one! I'm sure your baby will win!!!
  11. I can't pick...they're all cute. Good luck!
  12. thanks everyone!!!

    everyone Ive shown these to keeps saying the last pic i posted too!

    hummm this is a tough decision! keep the votes coming!
  13. I vote for the last picture, the 6th one, so cute!
  14. Firstly what an absolutley gorgeous little baby you have!

    I vote for the first pic!