cutest ipod cases...

  1. ...that don't cost more than the ipod itself. I just ordered a 30gb ipod video today and I'm already like 'case time!' but as much as I want a wapity, I don't see myself spending that much for something that small anytime
    Will the LV cigarette cases fit an ipod?

    or what else is cute out there? what do you guys have?
  2. I think it will fit, since the ipod video measurements are 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43. :biggrin:
  3. that quilted blue one is so cute! it looks small though. I wonder if I can see that one in person. or just buy it for my phone.
    passerby is always super helpful :smile:
  4. I have been up and down this road! I have the 30G video ipod and first off, let me tell you this -- it scratches. You do not want to be taking it in and out of a case all the time -- especially a case that it will rub against.

    The new widescreen LV cover fits VERY snugly and it's NICE! I am tempted to get this but am very happy with the cover I bought. It's from agent18 and it's clear. I think it was $25-$30 and I bought it from

    My hubby talked me into it -- said the ipod itself is just so cool and why would I want to cover it up. :wondering (I didn't tell him I bought it just to buy the LV case to use with it! LOL! But I wanted it in the white MC and then they didn't make it -- only in the mono. :sad2: )

    Now I'm thinking I might buy the mini pouchette accessories bag to put my iPod in along with the earbuds. I'm using a black Vera Bradley bag right now and am liking the way it stores it all inside. I really don't like the earbuds loose inside my purse!

    (oh -- I read on another forum that the cigarette case doesn't work.)
  5. Also, be sure and purchase a 5G cover or a 5th generation or a video ipod cover. Look for one specifically made for the 30G and not the 60G -- some of them will claim they are made for both and your 30G will not fit properly because the 60G is thicker. The LV one fit my 30G just fine but I think a 60G would work better in it. Anything made for another ipod will have too small of a screen for the video!

    Make sure your cover allows you access to the bottom connector, too. The agent18 one that I bought (also at has the opening and the iPod fits in the dock with it on.
  6. Thanks for the great advice, twoharleygal. Would you happen to have a link to the case you bought from agent18 (love that name :biggrin: )
  7. too bad. I am a great fan of blue :sad:

    the widescreen LV one is amazing:
    but only $20 less than getting another ipod :wacko:

    the ipod sock is super cute:
    but at $29 for tiny socks, almost as overpriced as the Louis Vuitton.

    I think I'll probably end up going for tough over cute.
  8. For my iPod, I choose function over fashion. The iSkin cases are great for all around protection. It covers everything. It's also good to have in case you drop your iPod because the case absorbs some of the shock. When I want a cute case, I just make it myself. They're kind of silly and childish but my friends love them. :shame:

    The ghost case:


    Paris Case:

  9. This should be it:

    I bought the case and then a GC for itunes to save me the shipping. Think it was only $4 though...

    I still love the LV one! Maybe one day. :biggrin: I do like having this clear case and then the pouch to put it and the ear buds into. Plus I bought a thingie (from Belkin) that plugs into the ipod and plays it through my radio and I carry that with me as well and it all goes in. Didn't like the ear buds that came with the ipod, so invested even more $$ into Sony ones.

    What I thought was only going to cost me the $299 for the ipod has become WAY more than that! LOL! Ipod, case, new earbuds, radio transmitter, speakers for my desk, a program to convert DVD's into movies... it's gotta stop soon! :nuts:
  10. I think they are cute, but some are expensive though. That's why I don't buy them.
  11. Thanks for the link, twoharleygal.